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They Were Tough SOBs

By | October 31, 2020

[October 31, 2020]  In the first half of twentieth-century America, boxing was one of the most popular sports; in popularity, number one tied with baseball. The fighters were some of the toughest and fastest people ever.  As my ex-Drill Sergeant Bryant used to say, they were tough SOBs. Growing up, I got to meet many WWII and Korean… Read More »

Headspace and Timing

By | October 30, 2020

[October 30, 2020]  Military jargon permeates our society.  Headspace and timing, though, is a technical term meaning to adjust weapon systems so they fire correctly.  Usually used with the Browning .50 caliber heavy machinegun, adjusting headspace and timing is critical for its proper use.  However, I will be using as jargon rather than technically. The U.S. Department of… Read More »

A Vietnam War Vet and His Story

By | October 29, 2020

[October 29, 2020]  Today’s article has a bit of a treat for my readers.  I added a new tab on my leadership website called VIETNAM VET QUOTES.  I’m starting this tab about an honorable man.  His name is Robert “Bob” Reilly, U.S. Army 1968-1970, veterans’ advocate, and pupil of music.  He is married and has three children and… Read More »

Leadership Comparison: Biden vs. Trump

By | October 28, 2020

[October 28, 2020]  In this article, I compare the leadership qualities of Joe Biden and Donald Trump; both running for the U.S. presidency.  Alas, hype defines this election, mostly driven by a media accused of both political partisanship and prejudicial censorship.  Any leadership comparison is a difficult task, one that data mining, analysis, and the application of seasoned… Read More »

Minimalist Leadership Skills

By | October 27, 2020

[October 27, 2020]  Our society is unnecessarily complex and, in response, our humanness is in search of something. We search for those things which we are assured we cannot live without. This is equally true in business and can be equally harmful.  If you want to improve your organization’s performance your life, your leadership, and your business model,… Read More »

We Call it Highfalutin Talk

By | October 25, 2020

[October 25, 2020]  Leaders are at their best when telling us about their vision and the ways and means to achieve that vision.  Top-of-the-line leadership means being precise in what you say to avoid misunderstandings and to communicate your thinking.  That is why highfalutin talk is not recommended; unless you are purposefully obscuring something of importance. I’m not… Read More »

Decision-Making Models to Level Up Your Leadership

By | October 22, 2020

[October 22, 2020]  “Decision science is a collection of quantitative techniques used to inform decision-making,” according to Harvard. Its focus is on finding a solution using the available information, and that you can effectively compare outcomes, costs, and more to make the best decision for your situation. It’s a specific science that has produced key frameworks anyone can… Read More »