A Band of Brothers

By | November 14, 2018

[November 14, 2018]  The comradeship of soldiers on the battlefield is well known.  Like the Band of Brothers of World War II fame, made famous by the book and movie, men in war band together for friendship, protection, security, and faith.  Likewise, the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan brought people together from across the world and thrust them together to fight a common enemy.

One man, who I admire more than any other, U.S. Army Chaplain Bishop (yes, that is his last name) recently wrote on his Facebook page a poignant statement about his wishes for the future, admiration of his past, and hope for young peoples.  Below are his comments (with minor editing and reprinted with his permission).  It’s worth reading for his wisdom and grasp on what a real leader thinks.

[Chaplain Bishop, November 9, 2018 at 11:29am]  33 years in one uniform or another – I am grateful to God, my wife, my family, friends (both in and out of uniform) and the Church for going on this uniformed journey of Service to God and Country.

I’m grateful to have served with remarkable men and women; in good and bad places.

Let’s celebrate this great Republic and all who served.

I am concerned that only a small portion of today’s American youth know how special this Republic is.  There is none better – that is affirmed by so many who are seeking to come here.

My prayer is we have two great Awakenings:

First a great revival with Americans turning back to God and The Word

Second a great awakening of patriotism where we stop demeaning those with who we disagree – forming mobs to attack people – instead of civil debate.

It is my firm conviction many have turned political party into their Religion – compete with motivation to convert others or make them submit by force to their political Religion.  We are doing to each other what we repent of doing to native people when our ancestors first arrived.

I guess I have a third wish.  Americans who think it is so bad here – and who cannot live among those they disagree – may they; a.) Find a sanctuary in the state system where they belong and are not threatened or b.) If that doesn’t work, may they follow their ancestors motivation to come to America – may they Metzpa and move to the place among the Global community where they are at peace in that political religion so they may enhance that nation where they feel they belong.

May we live in peace and allow others to do so as well.

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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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25 thoughts on “A Band of Brothers

  1. Lady Hawk

    Love your leadership post today and the wonderful story about army chaplain Bishop. Thank you.

  2. Dennis Mathes

    Throughout our lifetimes we will all come across special people who are truly good. A deep down good. These are the very ones we should stay close to, promote, and learn from. They are part of what makes any society, group of people, or nation a great place to be. It is obvious to me that this army chaplain is one of those.

    1. José Luis Rodriguez

      Spot on comment. I’ve had a friend since 2nd grade who is such a wonderful person I treasure our friendship every day.

  3. Drew Dill

    Great and wonderful blog post today. I’m honored to be part of this leadership blog that includes such wonderful folk.

  4. Albert Ayer

    I’ll be reading this to my High School classes later today. It bears repeating that this is a man of God who has gone to war to protect the troops and be with them in time of tragic loss. This is, indeed, a wonder person who should be commended for his service to both the nation and its citizens.

  5. Gil Johnson

    Every country needs more men (and women) like this army chaplain. He has it together. I wish we would see more introspective politicians and they then would be less divisive. Leadership can be good and it can also be bad. Your Ch B. is one for the good.

  6. Roger Yellowmule

    Wow, great comments from a great man. Chaplain Bishop is no ordinary man. He’s a man of God and that helps explain much of what he says.

  7. Eric Coda

    Most folks don’t know what a real “friend” is because they judge them by how many friends they have on Facebook or some other social media. Obviously, this Chaplain is a true friend; the kind that could be called upon to do anything for his family, friends, and church. Thanks for sharing his thoughts with us, Gen. Sattefield.

  8. Doc Blackshear

    There have been other times in the history of the United States that it was a very divided nation … 1860s, 1960s, and today of course. There were other times I’m sure like around the time of the American Revolution but it wasn’t the USA then; just a colony. The best way to defeat an enemy is to “divide and conquer.” That is what is happening to us today. First, we must be divided.

    1. Wilson Cox

      … then we’ll be conquered. You Chaplain Bishop is a smart man.

  9. Max Foster

    Chaplain Bishop has put his finger on the solution to our divisive society where the electability of a politician is based upon how divisive he/she can be. Just look at California’s Maxine Waters. She daily encourages violence against others, yet nothing is done. Why? Because she’s black and no one wants to be accused of being a racist by calling her out. Same for Eric Holder. This is why we are seeing more violence.

    1. Len Jakosky

      Max, once again you nailed it. Whenever we don’t punish wrongdoing, we are actually encouraging it.

  10. Scotty Bush

    This is a truly wonderful piece. Gen Satterfield, you have made my day by re-printing this thoughtful Facebook post. Thank you.

    1. Anita

      Yes, I agree this is both an experienced and intelligent man. I wish too that he was a friend of mine.

    2. Doug Smith

      Good to see your early comments again this morning, Army Captain. Thanks for being on first as usual.

    3. Willie Shrumburger

      Army Captain, you stole my thunder. Yes, I agree that he is a great man. We are all better for having him as part of our armed forces.

    4. Tony B. Custer

      I was watching television last night about WW1 and the slaughter that took place. It also covered the fact that the relationships of men on the battlefield were so great that men would risk their lives to save others. I can only imagine how this occurs.

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