A Slow-Motion Kristallnacht

By | December 13, 2023

[December 13, 2023]  With American colleges embroiled in anti-Semitic activities, supported and encouraged by professors, administrators, and education leaders, are we seeing a slow-motion Kristallnacht?  John Hinderaker of PowerLineBlog and others are asking this legitimate question.

“L.A. – as Jews were lighting candles last night for Shabbat and the second night of Hanukkah, mobs of antisemites took to the streets to chant antisemitic slogans and graffiti buildings, including Synagogues.  This particular location is the epicenter of Persian Jewish life on the Wilshire corridor.  Parents and grandparents are hearing the same Jewish death chants they heard during the Iranian Islamic Revolution some 44 years ago forcing them to flee their homes 2000+ years.” – StopAntisemitism @StopAntisemites on X (see embedded video, only 19 seconds

Note that President Joe Biden was in Los Angeles that Friday when a mob gathered in the streets chanting for the genocide of Jews.  They were sending a message to Joe Biden that he had better change sides from supporting Israel’s fight against Hamas and throw his weight behind their pro-Palestinian stance.

One of my favorite slogans is “Queers for Palestine.”  The irony here is dripping.  From the X account of Visegrád24, a young British woman says she is with “Queers for Palestine” and that she is out protesting because of how Israel treats trans-Palestinians in Gaza.  I wonder if she has heard about how Hamas treats them.

Here is a fact that Jews need to understand.  If you are a Jew in America, you need to be armed to protect yourself and your family.  You need to be trained and experienced in proper gun use.  This is all about being prepared, especially in a large city.  You will be told by Democrats this is a lie.  Please don’t believe them.

Sadly, large segments of America stand firmly with Hamas.  Surveys have noted that those under 30 and liberal white women are the largest contingents supporting the genocide of Jews.  While this may sound disgusting, and wonder how it could come about in a free nation, take a close look at the testimony of three Ivy League presidents before Congress last week.


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19 thoughts on “A Slow-Motion Kristallnacht

  1. Eddie Gilliam

    Nice job my friend. If you don’t stand for something,you fall for anything. Silent is the an option. A cry is in order. Happy weekend. 😊

  2. Max Foster

    Gen. Satterfield nailed it with his last para, “Sadly, large segments of America stand firmly with Hamas. Surveys have noted that those under 30 and liberal white women are the largest contingents supporting the genocide of Jews. While this may sound disgusting, and wonder how it could come about in a free nation, take a close look at the testimony of three Ivy League presidents before Congress last week.” Our higher education system is fully corrupted. Don’t go to college. that is great advice. And don’t join the US military. These highly infiltrated organizations along with the FBI, CIA, and DOJ. Oh, just saying this for a friend, not me. hahahahhahahahahhaha

  3. The Northeast

    Loving this leadership website. Oh, I finally got my copy of “55 Rules for a Good Life” from Amazon and started reading it. Great book, so far. I highly recommend reading it. Simple and easy to read. Life’s lessons packaged into easy-to-navigate chapters (ie, rules).

    1. Melo in Chicgo

      Finally, we’ve been recommending his books and now you see why.

  4. Unwoke Dude

    In case I get hung up over the next couple of weeks, I want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. If I offended any reader from my wished, tough crapola.

  5. Jerome Smith

    Gen. Satterfield, I’m waiting on Letters to My Granddaughter No. 43. ❤❤❤❤❤ When do you think it will be out? Just asking for a friend. Love the letters.

    1. KenFBrown

      Yeah, thinking the same thing. These letters are making me think back to my childhood and all the things we did … and also those things that made us stronger. The competitions we engaged in, the stupid things we did (and didn’t get killed), the lectures by our parents, our friends who helped us, the teachers who taught us, and the police who helped us out of trouble. Today, kids don’t have these and are failing becuase of it.

    1. Rowen Tabernackle

      Ha Ha, my favorite part was Gen. Satterfield writing that his favorite part of “Queers for Palestine.” It seems the fact that if “queers” were in “Palestine” – meaning Gaza or the West Bank, are anywhere in the Middle East, they would be jailed and likely executed. In Gaza, they would be thrown off tall buildings. They miss this completely. That show the level of ignorance is legendary.

      1. Yusaf from Texas

        Gen. Satterfield, thank you and also JT and Rowen above for helping make my day that much brighter. Why? Because as hard as my life is, it is nothing compared to the walking brain deads of the radical political leftists in our country.

  6. Jonnie the Bart

    Gen. Satterfield is ON IT today. His proposition is VERY interesting. I think I’ll use this slow-motion Kristallnacht when I talk with liberal/progressive whackos during the Christmas season. Thanks, sir. I know you didn’t come up with the idea but appreciate you alerting us to it.

  7. Goalie for Cal State

    Nicely put, and something I’m sure not to have thought about. ExActly why I come to Gen. Satterfield’s website and have read his books. If you are new here, get your copies now and probably not too late for Christmas.
    Here is an early Merry Christmas!
    ⋆꙳•̩̩͙❅*̩̩͙‧͙ ‧͙*̩̩͙❆ ͙͛ ˚₊⋆


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