Ammo Grrrll Fires Off at LIES

By | February 17, 2024

[February 17, 2024]  If you are one of the many fans of Ammo Grrrll, Susan Vass, at PowerLineBlog, then you’ve already read her latest rant on telling lies and the harm it does.  Yesterday, she nailed it with one of her best pieces of mockery and sarcasm.  I’ll let you decide if I’m right.  I call this Ammo Grrrll fires off at LIES.

  1. She begins with classic liberal lies like “All cultures are equal (and equally wonderful).”  This is one of my favorites and a lie she has bet down many times.  She asks, why is the entire Third World now streaming unvetted and much-abetted into our terrible, racist, sexist, transphobic, no-good rotten imperialist country full of Deplorables.  We know why.  Could it be just to get free medical care, free sex change operations, free transportation to the Sanctuary City of their choice, free Obama phones, free housing, unpunished free-for-all beating of cops, free looting and shoplifting, and free food that they often complain is not up to their tough standards?
  2. This one invented by Obama, “It Is Easier to Buy a Gun Than a Book In The Ghett-to.”  Told by Obama at a cop’s funeral who was murdered by a black guy.  This was an absurd and risible lie.  The problem that Obama avoided, and most liberals, is that reading, writing, and arithmetic are regarded as a “white thing.”  Until that attitude changes, students will never even achieve grade-level mastery of important life skills.
  3. Who can keep up with the Alphabet People.  The next lie is “There Are As Many Genders As We Say There Are.”  Those “people” are splitting into smaller and smaller tribal units and threatening death and dishonor to all previously recognized Alphabet People.  You say you are a man who is attracted to other men?  Ha!  That is soooo yesterday.  Gay people barely even count as a gender any more than shameless heteros.
  4. Not to be outdone, “There Are No Differences Between Men and Women That Would Make It Possible for Men Pretending To Be Women To Dominate Women’s Sports.”  There is no reason – apart from human decency and a possible murder charge – that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson should not box against, say, Cher.  In fact, when I see them standing side by side, I can’t even reliably tell which one is a hypertrophied man and which is a slender, elderly lunatic with several original parts.  That’s how evolved and enlightened I am.
  5. Here is an “old” one for those ancient like my granddaughter, “Believe all women!  Every last one!”   Women NEVER lie.  Never ever forget that, or you will be canceled.
  6. Of course there is, “All Politicians and The Medical Establishment Behaved Wonderfully During COVID.”  Trust the science.  Six feet is the distance beyond which droplets, loogies, pustules or even invisible particles cannot travel.  Because of The Science.  The Science is a dwarf with over $300M named Fauci.  He said so.
  7. And, “Lastly, Joe Biden Is Not Demented!  Let me whisper or yell that creepily again!  He is fit as a fiddle, and rides a bike, so he is just fine, H8ers!  Everybody says so, even the President of Mexico, President al-Sisi, or President The Yes-Yes in ingles.”  Unless, of course, it looks bloody likely that Trump will beat him like a rented mule in the 2024 election.  THEN we might have to allow certain disturbing facts to emerge that 86% of the American people have already noticed.  (The other 14 percent are Democrat functionaries or news readers, but I repeat myself.)

It’s amazing how long lies take to die.  Keep these coming our way, Ammo Grrrll.  Thank you.

Here is the link to the full article (link here).


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18 thoughts on “Ammo Grrrll Fires Off at LIES

    1. ableist mas

      AT, we all do. She is witty and smart. This is a dangerous combination for lefties to have to tackle. They run from her because she knows what she is talking about and is able to deliver in a humorous style. Thanks AT, good to hear from you. ✔

  1. Jerome Smith

    1. “All cultures are equal (and equally wonderful).”
    2. “It Is Easier to Buy a Gun Than a Book In The Ghett-to.”
    3. “There Are As Many Genders As We Say There Are.”
    4. “There Are No Differences Between Men and Women That Would Make It Possible for Men Pretending To Be Women To Dominate Women’s Sports.”
    5. Believe all women! Every last one!”
    6. “All Politicians and The Medical Establishment Behaved Wonderfully During COVID.”
    7. “Lastly, Joe Biden Is Not Demented! Let me whisper or yell that creepily again! He is fit as a fiddle, and rides a bike, so he is just fine, H8ers! Everybody says so, even the President of Mexico, President al-Sisi, or President The Yes-Yes in ingles.”

    1. Kenny Foster

      Thank you, Jerome. Good summary. I think that I’ll post these LIES on my refrig so when crazy liberals come over to visit my house (my wife’s “friends”), then they will get triggered and with luck, they will never come back. HA HA HA HA HA

  2. Jonnie the Bart

    Thank you, Gen. Satterfield for once again reminding me of Ammo Grrrll’s Friday columns in PowerLineBog. This is a site that gives darn good insight into a variety of topics, like your site. Thank you sir.

  3. Northeast

    Please read Gen. Satterfield’s two books if you want to get another way of looking at the world. Ammo Grrrll is great but I like Gen. Satterfield’s writing better. Take a look at his latest series in “Letters to My Granddaughter.” These letters will give you a sense of what make him so good with his life.
    This is a link to all his letters to his granddaughter.

  4. Eye Cat

    This is exactly why Obama was a TERRIBLE president and despite the nostalgia for his ‘reign’ he will be remembered as a do-nothing-good for America. His policies, esp. foreign policies, were essentially non-existant.

    This one invented by Obama, “It Is Easier to Buy a Gun Than a Book In The Ghett-to.”
    Ammo Grrrll’s comments are spot on here. Obama lied over and over and over. And now we have to put up with another liar in the White House and his stupidity and evilness, is taking us down the wrong path.

    1. Good Dog

      🇺🇸 Eye Cat, you are right about both Biden and Obama. They are two of the worst presidents in American history. 🇺🇸

      1. Eddie Gilliam

        Is this fact or fiction. I know several former president worse that Biden and Obama. I didn’t get into political debate over this. To me the worse things were to have political parties. This was not the real intention of the situation now facing the us. How can one person come a party to turning blind eye to all the madness he created while in office.

    2. Max Foster

      I’m happy that mostly what we find here are American Patriots like Gen. Doug Satterfield.
      “Yes … I’m a flag-waving American Patriot. My 40 years in the U.S. Army did not make me a patriot. Growing up in a patriotic family did not make me a patriot. I’m a patriot because I lived half my life overseas in 20 foreign countries, on four continents, which made me a patriot. With my own eyes, I saw what it is like to live in nations that do not respect the individual; America is the only place that does. — Gen. Doug Satterfield, a great man of many talents.

  5. Jessica Luden

    Ammo Grrrll is a heroine and she should be for cutting to the chase with her biting sarcasm and wit. I just love her columns on PowerLineBlog. She writes the first article I read each Friday.

    1. Gilley the Brother

      old warrior, you make me laugh. 😁 I have to be careful drinking my hot coffee in the mornings whenever I read these comments in Gen. Satterfield’s leadership forum because, on occasion, I read old warrior and the last time I nearly spit my hot coffee out my nose. Boy, did it burn. Thank you, sir for your continued humor.

      1. Marx and Groucho

        Yeah, old warrior is DA MAN.


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