Baltimore, Maybe it has a Chance

By | August 19, 2020

By guest blogger Sadako Red [see disclaimer]

[August 19, 2020]  Anytime we step out boldly to make changes, we take a chance that we might fail.  But the only way to get better is to try.  I’m no politician; don’t want to be now nor ever.  The City of Baltimore – you know the one that I can see the skyline from my office building in D.C. –  it’s failing.  No, it’s spiraling downward into an abyss so deep, no ordinary recovery will work.  But, maybe, just maybe, Baltimore has a chance to stop the decline.  There is something the politicians running Baltimore don’t want you to hear … a message that points to the corruption of those that run the city and have run it now for over 50 years.  The corruption is not just what you read in the papers where a politician gets paid off for a vote or favor but a corruption of morals where lies, deceit, and betrayal are commonplace, where your word as a man is not worth two cents and where your position on helping citizens in our communities is based on a bald-faced lie.

There is a bright spot.  There is a politician from that corrupt Baltimore swamp that figured out that perhaps citizen voters might support the truth and improve their lives as well.  Congressional candidate Kim Klacik is running for the U.S. House of Representatives to stand for those who live in Baltimore (MD-District 7).  I like her style.  Do you want to see her message?  Easy, go on the Internet to find her Facebook, Twitter, and campaign websites (I’m not going to research for you).  I think you will like her too.  In the video – actually a campaign ad – she tells it like it is; she tells us about the “real Baltimore.”  She tells us of a Baltimore that the politicians don’t want you to see.  The message is disturbing.  It’s also compelling.

Crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty, and crime.  She rhetorically asks, “What has been the result of 53 years of political liberalism running the city?”  Baltimore is in the top five most dangerous cities in America.  The murder rate in Baltimore is 10 times the U.S. average.  The Baltimore poverty rate is over 20%.  Homicide, drug, and alcohol deaths are skyrocketing in our city.  Ms. Klacik asks, “Do Black lives matter?”  She answers, “I do.”  Also, she notes that the vast majority of crime in Baltimore is perpetrated against Black people.  “If the politicians walked the streets like I do, they would see exactly how their policies and corruption affect us.”  Here’s the kicker … “Baltimore is the worst place for a Black person to live in America.”

Baltimore, maybe it has a chance.  Maybe it can recover from the rioting, looting, murder, and violence that are condoned implicitly if not openly by local politicians, including Mayor Jack Young and his administration.  You have to ask yourself why John Hopkins built a brand-new trauma center a few years ago in Baltimore.  Part of the purpose of that trauma center is to train military surgeons before combat deployment and get them up to speed treating gunshot wounds.  Perfect place for this new center.  I’ll ask Kim Klacik’s question for us, “Do Black lives matter?”  If we look at how the city is run, the only logical conclusion is that those lives don’t matter one tidbit.

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Author: Sadako Red

Author: Sadako Red Disclaimer: I chose the pen name Sadako Red in order to remove any notoriety reflecting on my other real job as a very senior executive in the Department of Defense. Naturally, my opinion is my opinion only and despite DoD wanting to associate with my fine work, they cannot have it. Trust me, they want it. Trust me, they can’t stand for it.

32 thoughts on “Baltimore, Maybe it has a Chance

  1. Valkerie

    Excellent article, hard-hitting, educational, and wonderful to read. Thank you Mr. “Red”.

  2. Martin Shiell

    “Black lives matter” just a slogan for the radical leftists. They don’t care. Need proof? Just look at leftist run cities like Baltimore and Portland. Open your eyes and you will see.

    1. Dale Paul Fox

      Martin, I think you are soooooo right. If you haven’t seen Kim Klacik’s ads, I highly recommend you do. It matters not that she is a Republican (which surprises me) but regardless of party, she hits hard on the corruption and failed policies of Democratic Party regulars. All they do is pander for the Black vote and then forget them once the election is over.

    2. Big Al

      This is what Kim Klacik said…. “Democrats think black people are stupid. They think they can control us forever, that we won’t demand better and that we’ll keep voting for them forever, despite what they’ve done to our families and our communities.”

  3. Jonnie the Bart

    I’m a big fan too. Thank you, Sadako Red for another powerful blog post.

    1. Linux Man

      Butt kicking article. Yes, Jonnie, IMO, we can all see the power we have in people like SR. He hits it where it hurts. Sometimes, someone has got to stand up and be heard over the drivel of PC-Marxist ideology that is killing our inner cities. You know who is hurt worse by all this violence? Yep, blacks are hurt now and the hurt will linger for at least a decade. The healing should start but it won’t happen before this upcoming election.

  4. Bryan Lee

    Another super article from my favorite guest blogger. I’m a huge fan, of course. I like your series on Baltimore. Please write about Portland and Seattle. Maybe those two cities are even worse off than the City of Baltimore.

  5. Wilson Cox

    “Do you care about black lives? The people that run Baltimore don’t. I can prove it. Walk with me. They don’t want you to see this,” Klacik says in the ad posted Monday to Twitter.

    1. Ed Berkmeister

      Yes, loved it. Please watch the video with her campaign ad. I don’t know who made it for her but it is one of the best I’ve seen so far this election cycle. Baltimore is on the brink of total destruction. Will they wake up?

      1. Otto Z. Zuckermann

        Ed, I’m afraid not. They are too far down the line to wake up. It will require intervention like an alcoholic needs someone to help them and help that is not enabling.

    1. Nick Lighthouse

      Thank you for the links. Great stuff here. Don’t pass up the chance to go out and read her thinking. Powerful, rich, and just what our big cities need.

  6. Karl J.

    Hi Sadako Red, I’m one of your many fans on this website and just love your analysis and humor (dry humor, of course). Keep up your great works and write more often, please, for Gen. Satterfield and his blog.

  7. Max Foster

    I love this article but I think it is too optimistic. I think the City of Baltimore is going down the tubes and nothing can prevent it from hitting bottom in the next few years. This candidate you mention may be good (or even great) but she is not the savior of the city. As long as corrupt Democrats are in charge, nothing will change. They have to be defeated at the polls and too many of their citizens remain suckered into voting for them. At some point, the US govt will have to bail them out.

    1. Tom Bushmaster

      Max, you might be right in your analysis but no one knows for sure what will happen over the next few months before the US election for president. That is why we see rioting, etc in the streets. It’s been whipped up by the backers of Democratic politicians to their delight. Like another enemy of the US … his name is George Soros (turned in his friends to the Nazis).

    2. Maureen S. Sullivan

      Perhaps Max but I’m not so sure that the people in Baltimore won’t wise up. I’m a believer that they will eventually come around and it will not be before this election but maybe the next.

      1. Joe Omerrod

        Not likely Maureen. Baltimore has been on life-support for a long time.

      2. Wendy Holmes

        That may be the case but I refuse to believe that the citizens of Baltimore (or any Democratic Party run city) are that stupid. Maybe there will be an awakening. I think Gen. Satterfield is trying to tell us that very thing when we see Black candidates rebelling against the DNC political narrative.

  8. Yusaf from Texas

    Excellent article and right on-target. Thank you for another PC-absent blog post. Refreshing.

  9. Jerome Smith

    This is why I keep coming to this leadership webpage that is not just because an army general runs it but because there are some exceptional guest bloggers like Sadako Red.

  10. Greg Heyman

    Great article RED. Wonderful to have you back in this Gen. Satterfield leadership blog where we can actually read about the tidbits that make for a leader and examples of leader failures. Baltimore is a FAILURE, and there is no other way to parse that fact.

    1. Randy Goodman

      Yeah … SD is my favorite guest blogger. Hey, guys , if you are new and haven’t read his articles, start at the beginning and come to today with them. You will find his work simply remarkable.

      1. JT Patterson

        … said best. Thanks Harry! Many of us have asked for Red’s articles and now we finally get to read one once again.

  11. Eric Coda

    You made it back. Thank god you are on top of the destruction in Baltimore and other like-cities. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!!

    1. Billy Kenningston

      Yes, great to see “Red” back in action. Must have been too busy earlier with the craziness in D.C.

    2. Bill Sanders, Jr.

      An ass kicking is what is needed here. Not anyone can do it. Maybe this lady can. I hope so.


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