Be Like a Lion

By | July 16, 2022

[July 16, 2022]  Be like a Lion; that way, you walk with the awareness that nobody will mess with you.  Stand up straight.  Look directly ahead, and you will be feared.  Learn to defend yourself in a fistfight and against others with weapons.

Be like a lion; dangerous, courageous, willing to fight, a hunter, and perhaps someday, a pack leader.  Put away your smartphone.  Stop hunching over and looking at your text messages.  Give up your video games.

Stand up straight with your shoulders back.  Sit up properly.  Good posture will help put you on the upward curve, and others will notice that you might be more than they think.  Hunching over invites more bullying; people will see you as uninteresting and plain, you are less likely to go on an adventure, no one will want you on their team, and others will think of you as powerless, weak, and unimportant.

Don’t be a frozen rabbit when the world comes knocking at your door (opportunity knocks).  Be ready to answer it with your eyes open, and maybe you can take advantage of whatever is brought to you.

Being like a lion is being competent.  Be prepared to say to the world, “Bring it on.  I can handle it.”  There are, legitimately, good reasons not to.  Fine, but your aim should be to handle it, no matter what it is and do so voluntarily and courageously.  And if you can do this, you can now transcend life’s tragedies.  We know this because folks admire and respect those who are competent.  We promote them and raise them up as ideals of excellence within our community.  Nothing is more potent than competence; everything we do and every sphere of living is fundamentally based on competence.

A reasonable goal, a place where we can see this in action, is to be the most reliable person at a funeral.  Everyone at a funeral is emotionally broken and you adding to that misery is not good.  You will be grieving, certainly, but this is a time to step up with some character.  It’s bad enough that someone has died; that’s tragic, but making it worse is no answer.  Be the person people can come to, to be strong; folks need strength most in the midst of tragedy.  Be that person.  It takes courage.

Push yourself to rid yourself of those traits that make you weaker.  This will help nurture mature growth and is what makes you valuable.  If you do that, you get the joy of participating more with others and the confidence that you are building yourself stronger simultaneously.

Accept responsibility.  Life is difficult.  And, staring at danger is likewise hard.  But that is how we can be a better person, just a little each day, and in a week, a month, or a year, we will be far better, less worthless, less afraid, less vulnerable … and nobody will mess with you.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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17 thoughts on “Be Like a Lion

  1. Wendy Holmes

    Gen. Satterfield, you made my day. I sent this post to a few friends and a couple of them got back to me already and said, “Who is this guy anyway who is so fu***** direct?” Yes, they are nerds.

    1. Army Captain

      Billy, you got it. You’re the best Billy with this link. Too too too funny. But but but libtards don’t take a joke very well. Just look at AOC when we make fun of her. She gets her panties in a tightwad and says we “just want to date me.” Nearly makes me throw up thinking of that bug eyed Marxist.

      1. Tom Bushmaster

        Gracious! Made me laugh out loud and scared my dog.

      2. Pumpkin Spice

        ….. a good day to be on Gen. Satterfield’s blog. ✔😊❤ Even the dull folks are getting the gig to have fun and explain why they are not some propaganda sucking retard.

  2. Winston

    Another spot on article from the new ‘archives’ of the leadership ‘bunker’ of General Satterfield. Just kidding about the bunker comment (I mean it as a compliment). From a fortified position (or, as Gen. S says, “foxhole”) he is putting out some great stuff these days.

  3. Jerome

    i did not i thinkk fully see what is here i do like the idea of being a lion.

    1. Greg Heyman

      Exactly the reason I keep coming back to this website and why I’ve been a member of Gen. Satterfield’s “club” almost from the beginning of him writing his blog For those who are new here to the leader forums, you will find some great ideas spread around. Also don’t forget to read Daily Favorites.

      1. Maureen S. Sullivan

        Many of us, even the newbies who are reading this leadership blog, are clearly aware of the benefits. And, I guess that I’m too a member of the “club.”

  4. Ernest

    Great article and nice to see you moving in this new direction that targets all leadership issues. Well done, Gen. Satterfield.


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