The Brooklyn Bridge Mystery

By | July 23, 2014
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Tweet from a local politician making note of the white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge.

[July 23, 2014] While driving over the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday morning, a number of commuters noticed white flags flying atop both bridge towers. The mystery is who put them there and for what reason. Clearly this was a planned effort despite our city politicians saying it was “allegedly” planned. There is a lot of conjecture to why the white flags were placed on the two towers1 but it does not behoove professionals to make guesses as to why this was done.

The New York Post calls it a case of someone stealing “old glory”2. They correctly note that this would not be an easy task and whoever did it must have some advanced knowledge on how it could be done. Since the theft was done at night, even more likely the thieves knew what they were doing.

Regardless, New Yorkers have another mystery on their hands. This will be something that may distract them from the increasing murder rate in the city. Everyone will recall that increased violence was predicted when the new mayor called an end to the “stop and frisk” policy that was responsible for low violent crime rates.

As for the white flags … the Brooklyn Bridge mystery continues? Who dunit?

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[1] A tall pier or frame supporting the cable of a suspension bridge.



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