Good Habits #6: Show the Human Side

By | July 24, 2014

[July 24, 2014] High School teaching can be a tough job, especially in schools that are in poor neighborhoods with growing crime rates. One young lady from New York City wanted to be a teacher more than anything else in the world but after only 6 months quit her job. The reason? She was unable to “connect” with her students and ultimately she hated the job. Despite being exceptionally smart, this young lady was unable to show the human side of her character and failed at the one thing she wanted most.

Senior LeadershipSenior leaders need to be especially adept at connecting with people. This is best accomplished by showing a little about themselves and getting to know people. Politicians are often the best at doing this. They gain votes by developing a personality that fits well with their electorate. President Bill Clinton was one of the most successful. There are many people who were opposed to everything he did but loved the guy. He established an emotional link … a connection that made people feel they could trust him.

Here are some of the fundamental traits that senior leaders possess that are fine-tuned, that makes them capable of showing their human side:

  1. Go out of their way to spend the time with people and getting to know them
  2. Use conversational language
  3. Recognize that it is not all about them
  4. Tell stories that relate
  5. Provide value
  6. Show that they can make mistakes
  7. Possess the ability to laugh at one’s self

Of course, this takes time and effort. It also takes practice and is a key component of excellence in the art of communication. President Clinton was the kind of person a anyone could go out with to a local restaurant and have a meal together. He was always showing his human side. People loved him as President even when he made poor decisions. This is an important concept. When leaders show their human side to people and later make mistakes, those mistakes are often overlooked.

Senior leaders who do not have these traits will struggle being a leader and will never fully develop their potential.

The next good habit for senior leaders for tomorrow will be to “speak properly.”

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