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By | August 1, 2021

[August 1, 2021]  Recognizing leadership, wherever it occurs, is the hallmark of genuine leaders.  Today, I’ll be highlighting two young men who run a new business called One Nation 1776.  Located in Galloway, New Jersey, these men opened a new shop in the heart of Historic Smithville, a popular place for family, dogs, and … yes, roosters.   Here we have an example of exceptional business leadership.

I spoke with folks from Pennsylvania, Colorado, Delaware, New York, and Ohio as they walked through this “village” on a beautiful sunny day.  Mike Yanoschak is the owner and works with his brother David to run the shop daily.  The days are long but worth the effort, according to David.

They sell clothing, coffee, backpacks, and miscellaneous items with military and first responder themes.  In the back of the cash register (I know that is old terminology), they have the shoulder patches of a dozen local police departments.  I was honored to give them their first U.S. military patch; a Multi-National Force – Iraq (later United States Forces – Iraq).

I asked Mike what gave him the idea of opening this kind of shop.  First, let me note that Mike and David are very patriotic.  They have no problem wearing their patriotism on their sleeve.  Mike is tough, realistic about his new business, and is happy to share his story.  He says that he helped his mom, who owns two nearby shops, during the COVID crisis.  He saw many folks dressed in veteran hats and first responder garb.  A light went off in his head.

The trick to starting a business is no small task.  Retail business is tough to get off the ground and then keep running with a profit.  It is not about making money.  Anyone can make money.  Making a profit is the challenge.  If you’re not a leader with great people skills, it will not work.  His mother set a great example.

Several of us were set up outside his front door yesterday.  We were getting the word out about the Bernie Friedenberg memorial scheduled for unveiling on Veteran’s Day 2022.  I wrote about WWII vet Bernie this past June 6 (see link here).  This man was a true hero.  Two Silver Star Medals, two Bronze Star Medals, and two Purple Heart Medals were some of Bernie’s more important medals.  Go to this short article to read more about him at

I understand that Mike’s business is so new that his website is not yet active.  In the meantime, here is the link that will be active in a couple of weeks:


I wish Mike and his family all the best as he makes his new business work.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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12 thoughts on “Business Leadership: One Nation 1776

  1. Eduardo Sanchez

    Gen. Satterfield, this is the kind of article I like best. Local info on successful businesses. I’d like to know more about HOW they succeed, as well. Please put more up like this. I my neighborhood we have a new barber shop. The “men” and they are all men, cut men’s hair. Women, they say, can go to the beauty salon next door. They cater to men because that is how they make their money. Men are going there in droves.

  2. Sadako Red

    And we thought business was dead. In our new socialist world, brought by grandfather Biden, there is no longer a need to work. Just wear your face diaper and follow orders. No worries. You will be provided for. Patriotism, that is a dead man’s devil. Pay no attention to it, just follow our new regime. Freedom? No such word.

    1. Linux Man

      Ha Ha,,,, great. Thank you Sadako Red. You are the best. I miss your articles, so BTW, write more for us.

    2. Greg Heyman

      Great!!! I like your humor and your articles as well. RED, you are the best.

  3. Max Foster

    Hello, Gen. Satterfield. I like your short series on business leadership. That is often where most of our real real real (let me repeat, real) leadership comes from. There, you either sink or swim. Most sink. Those that survive know the ins and outs of leadership. That is why Trump did so well and why Biden is such a crashed tricycle.

    1. Purse 5

      … and K. Harris is rubbing her eyes crying at the crash … she can’t help herself. What a dufus.

    2. Darwin Lippe

      Good comment Max. I agree. This series should be expanded to include more examples. Using local examples that Gen. Satterfield sees is also beneficial.

  4. Frank Graham

    Looks like a great place to shop for some wonderful patriotic clothing and apparel.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      I hope they get a website up and running. Maybe we can buy online. I would rather spend my money on a small patriotic business than on anti-American nutjobs at Amazon or those ‘woke’ corporations. I’m just boycotting those large companies now that run racist ads.


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