Censorship in America is Alive and Well

By | August 26, 2023

[August 26, 2023]  I see it every day.  Readers of my blog, family, and friends send me examples of social media speech censorship.  With that said, I missed one that John Hinderaker found interesting.  It made me laugh too.  The lesson?  Speech censorship is alive and well in America.

Last month, I honored Ms. Riley Gaines with a special write-up in the Courage: Riley Gaines.  Rarely am I so proud of a very young person, and she deserves a lot of credit and is also a funny young lady.  She recently posted a video on TikTok while munching on her breakfast cereal with a deadpan face and said nothing.  TikTok banned her video.

The video that was banned shows a “person” introducing themselves.  The split-screen has Ms. Gaines on one side and the other person identified only as Cody on the other.  Here is what Cody says:

“Hi there.  I’m Cody, pronouns e/em/eir/eirs or xe/xem/xyr/xyrs or any neopeonouns that aren’t se/hir/hirs.  So again, hi, I’m Cody, a white transmasculine, non-binary, transmasculine, femme, obsessive-compulsive, enurodivergent, temporarily, mostly able-bodied, Unitarian Universalist, culturally Jewish, chronically ill, nonmonogamous, demilowromantic, greydemibisexual, millenial, and cat parent.”  – ‘Cody,’ something or another

I missed some of Cody’s description because I had a hard time with the concepts that appear to be based on some fantasy ideology of victimhood.  The video is posted on Riley Gaines’ X account (formally Twitter) and can be found here.  But, it was banned by TikTok for “violating community guidelines.”  Riley Gaines did not say one word.  Ms. Gaines did write on X the comment, “Poor cat.”

Perhaps Cody is looking for a job in Joe Biden’s administration.


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21 thoughts on “Censorship in America is Alive and Well

  1. The Observer

    I’m a huge fan of Riley Gaines too. Thanks Gen. Satterfield for continuing to highlight her. She was sacrificed for the Democrat Party dementia and demented party.

    1. Lizzy from Utah

      Got that right, The Observer. We see this ignorance everywhere, trying to make deviance into something normal.

  2. Wesley Brown

    I just love this website by Gen. Satterfield. Coming up soon, if my memory is good, the 10th anniversary of the personal blog. Hundreds of articles have been written and discussed. Rarely do we see something wrong (does happen but rare). And all of this is free, free, free. So, find some more folks to come on board and read and comment. Also, encourage folks to get a copy of any of Gen. Satterfield’s book. My personal favorite is his last book, “55 rules for a good life.” Now if that title doesn’t get you to order and read the book, I don’t know what will. Grab a copy today here on Amazon.

  3. New Girl

    Censorship is the only way leftists know how to get their ideas to work because anyone with common sense knows what they say will never work.

  4. Jerome Smith

    This is so sad. But I’m inspired by Riley Gaines. She is becoming a real hero to many of us. So young and yet she sees the harm being done to our youth. She got the experience herself and good and hard. She paid a big price and, well, thank goodness for that because she was awakened, actually shaked awake by the crazies. I’m glad she is now pushing back like so many do.

  5. Melo in Chicgo

    Hi, I’m CODY and I’m crazy and reaching out to ask for help. Please save me.

  6. anita

    Thank you Gen. Satterfield. Been a few weeks since I’ve been on. My husband was in the hospital but I’m back and he is recovering.

  7. Emma Archambeau

    Cody is a full-blown psycho. That’s my psycho babble interpretation. Nuff said. Don’t let him/her/it around me because I might barf on him/her/it from disgust. Just imagine being that thing’s boy/girl/itfriend. Eeeek!

      1. Max Foster

        These comments are why I never miss this leadership forum. Good comments ladies. Now, on a serious note, this person is truly mentally ill and the leftists are encouraging the illness. Just imagine if that it person one day wakes up from the propaganda and realizes it has been had and everyone is laughing at it. Suicide is usually the way out. Now, i don’t condone suicide but that is now accepted and also encouraged to deal with such a tragic world. Another sad commentary on those who have zero responsibilities and zero vision for their lives. Encouraged also by primary school teachers.

        1. Frank Graham

          Excellent point, Max. Too many of our young have been manipulated right in front of us and WE have been too cowardly to say anything about it. Now these destroyed boys and girls will look back upon this time and ask why we didn’t step up and protect them from the political leftists who used them as cannon fodder for their current machoistic ideologies.

  8. Dog Man

    “Hi there. I’m Cody, pronouns e/em/eir/eirs or xe/xem/xyr/xyrs or any neopeonouns that aren’t se/hir/hirs. ”
    Err, let’s not start there. If you can’t see the mental illness here, then I recommend you go see your mom and dad for inspriation.

  9. Boy Sue

    No surprise since our “overlords” know what is best for us and in this case we should not eat cereal while someone is declaring their pronouns. 😜

    1. Len Jakosky

      Boy Sue, you got that right. Good thing they are looking after use, otherwise we might fall off our bike and scrape our knees or something evil just like that, like licking our ice cream and it falling on the ground. Ants might get a bite of the ice cream and kill over from the preservatives in it.


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