Clearing the Spindle: Political Incorrectness

By | September 2, 2018

[September 2, 2018]  A quick reminder that this clearing the spindle article, like the few I posted in the past, is about things I couldn’t get to in detail during the week.  Today, I focus on the growing political incorrectness that is emerging in Western culture.

U.S. Senator John McCain dies and deserves our respect.  Mark Twain once said that “It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.”  John McCain was an example of both and this is, indeed, rare.  No one I know ever agreed with politician McCain on even half of what he said while he was in the public eye.  Although I rarely agreed with his political techniques I did admire the man for what he did; both as a Navy Pilot, Prisoner of War in Vietnam, and as a Republican politician.  McCain, like so many of our military veterans, was one of those rare politically incorrect politicians.  He and all the non-PC veterans and politicians who are no longer with us will be missed.

Jordan Peterson vs. “Social Justice Warriors.  University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson made himself famous when he spoke out against a proposed Canadian law that made it a criminal act to call someone other than by their preferred pronoun.  Yep, don’t call me “he” (or “she”) because I might want to be called “ze” or “zim” or some other of 27 different gender classifications.  You will go to jail and be fined if you don’t.  Professor Peterson said he would not obey that law because he says, the government has absolutely no business governing the content of your speech.”  At issue is compelled speech which runs counter to the fundamentals of freedom.  For this, he is very much politically incorrect.

College graduates urged to be politically incorrect.  U.S. Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino recently told students at Thomas Aquinas College to go out into the world and be like John the Baptist.  Speaking basic truths today requires courage, Molino told them.  “So let’s be politically incorrect, like St. John the Baptist, the patron saint of political incorrectness.”  The bishop was addressing sexuality and contraception and the church’s position and why.  He also noted that these new graduates need the patience to find common ground because these teachings of the Catholic Church are “like a foreign language to most people,” in an era of safe spaces and cry closets.”


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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