“Commander” Biden is Out …  ruff

By | October 5, 2023

[October 5, 2023]  I’m late posting today, as I got home this morning after many hours in the waiting room of my local hospital ER.  All is well, but it is wearing on my old body.  News from the White House is that First Dog, Commander, is out.  The reason has something to do with Commander biting Secret Service agents and White House staff.  Bad boy!  Ruff.

Commander is a German Shepherd.  This breed is one of my favorites.  But I don’t own one because they are high energy, loyal and very protective of their owners.  From overseas media, we hear that Commander arrived at the White House in 2021 and has been wreaking havoc since (link here).  Just what I want, but I live with my wife and have no servants, unlike the Bidens.

Elizabeth Alexander is Doktor Jill Biden’s communications director and discreetly announced the dog no longer lives in the White House.  Where is Commander?  Inquiring minds want to know.  I want to know.  I’m a dog lover.  My dog, Bella, a 90-pound Yellow Labrador, is at my feet as I type this article.  She taught me a lot.

Here’s a lesson for the Bidens.  If you want a gentle dog that is not so protective and not so “cool” (yes, Shepherds are cool to own), get a Labrador Retriever.  Labs are known for being gentle and rarely bite.

I learned about the biting and Commander’s exile from the Daily Mail.  Why is it that the most detailed and accurate news about the White House comes from the UK and not American news outlets?  That is the real question that should be answered.  But we all know what’s going on here.  If the White House thinks it’s bad for us to know about it, the American media will cover for them.

Comrade, move along; nothing to see here about the Chinese and Russian connections, bribes salary payments, quid pro quo, or lies explanations of the Biden Family’s wealth.


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18 thoughts on ““Commander” Biden is Out …  ruff

  1. Eddie Gilliam

    Prayers for you and wife 🙏. Any aggressive dog does not need to be around people. The owners are liable.

  2. Patriot Wife

    Get well, Gen. Satterfield. Or with your wife or family who was in the ER. I know that can be traumatic.

    1. The Northeast

      Patriot Wife, we want to keep our true American Patriots around a long time. I and many others want to read and listen to them, esp. as they explain what makes the a patriot. Gen. Satterfield did this in “Why I’m an American Patriot” at https://www.theleadermaker.com/why-im-an-american-patriot/ For those reading this blog, you will note in the right hand column there is a list of most popular articles. This one explaining Gen. Satterfield’s reasoning for his patriotism is a MUST read.

      1. Jerome Smith

        Yes, Gen. S. get well and get well fast. Stay out of hospitals. They suck your money and the outcomes are not always what you want.

  3. Doug Smith

    Loved the article. I hope also that you are well, Gen. satterfield. We want this blog around for a long time in the future.

    1. Edward G.

      Exactly and thanks Doug. We are all big big big fans of this blog. And my new personal favorite is the series on “Letters to My Granddaughter.” Great series.

  4. Xerces II

    “I’m late posting today, as I got home this morning after many hours in the waiting room of my local hospital ER. All is well, but it is wearing on my old body. ” ….. Gen. Satterfield, I hope and pray that you and all your family members are well. I know from experience that ERs are a bad place to be. So many germs and others bad air floating around and now another variant of the Chinese COVID virus is out there. Take care of yourself. We want to read another 10 years of your articles. And, your next book.

  5. Dale Paul Fox

    I was hoping that “Biden is out” was actually pres biteme but no such luck. The whole world would be a better place as soon as the entire Biden Crime Family is gone.

  6. Danny Burkholder

    Commander Biden is out. Ruff! Ha Ha, Gen. Satterfield, fooled me.

    1. Good Dog

      Danny, love the emojis for dogs. Thanks!!!!!! 🐕
      … Good Dog

      1. Frontier Man

        Good Doggie. Thanks Danny and Good Dog for helping make my day. Oh, before I forget to make this comment and a suggestion for Gen. Satterfield (readers please provide feedback), before Gen. S. writes his followup book to “55 Rules for a Good Life,” he needs to add, GET A DOG, get a good dog. Get a dog that you can trust not to bite other people, esp. the elderly and kids.

          1. Obama Cash

            I just love this leadership forum. I recommend for new readers that you read to the very end, sometime that is where the most interesting comments are located. Go there and don’t be disappointed.

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