Core Values: Fire Department of New York

By | January 17, 2015

[January 17, 2015] Growing up, all my friends and I talked about what we wanted to be as adults. What was going to be our job? Undeniably, we all wanted to be a fireman … after playing baseball. It is no wonder that we looked up to the men who did those jobs that serve and protect us. I have great respect for the Fire Department of New York (FDNY); those who show the right stuff.

It requires courage, dedication, and great physical strength to be a firefighter. The fire department, like the New York Police Department, is one of the most well known and respected in the United States. The department covers the New York City area with a population nearly 8.5 million spread over 322 square miles. This is done with about 10,000 uniformed fire and 3,600 EMS personnel. In the FDNY’s fiscal year 2014, they saved or rescued 50,768 people.

Part of the reason for their success over many years is the belief and dedication to a number of core values.

  • Service: Unwavering call to protect and serve.
  • Bravery: Courage is the foundation of their character.
  • Safety: They strive to keep citizens reasonably free from danger, especially deliberate, harmful acts.
  • Honor: They believe that every action reflects on all the members of the unit, both past and present.
  • Dedication: A commitment to the objectives of their mission.
  • Preparedness: They maintain a constant state of readiness to meet all threats and challenges, traditional and new.

Being a firefighter is hard work. Maintaining this organization over the centuries is even more difficult. They do a great job and are highly respected by the residents of the city. Just ask any one of us.

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[Note] Mission Statement of the New York City Fire Department: As first responders to fires, public safety and medical emergencies, disasters and terrorist acts, FDNY protects the lives and property of New York City residents and visitors. The Department advances public safety through its fire prevention, investigation and education programs. The timely delivery of these services enables the FDNY to make significant contributions to the safety of New York City and homeland security efforts.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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