What will be the Hot Leadership Topics of 2015

By | January 18, 2015

[January 18, 2015] No one has a crystal ball that allows them to accurately predict the future. Yet, it’s still interesting to watch experts on television foretell what they think will happen next year about our economy, the job market, in sports, etc. I cannot predict any better than anyone else. However, like the experts, I can make a few educated guesses. Here are what I think will be the hot leadership topics of 2015.

The beginning of the New Year has already brought a slugfest over high-profile leadership failures with a few prominent successes. Some of these have been exaggerated and others underrated. Note that only a few of these are tied closely to security concerns; an area politics and diplomacy have always had their responsibilities discussed. Listed here is what I think will be the top few in each category.

Politics and Diplomacy:

  • Islamic terrorism and the strategy to defeat it
  • Racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism – the top prejudices, hatred, and fear issues
  • Immigration – legal and illegal
  • Health care – its rising costs, ACA legality, and fairness/accessibility

Economics and Business:

  • Cybersecurity – impact on the national economy and infrastructure
  • Energy – the need for an energy strategy
  • Technological advances, trademark infringement, and espionage


  • Budget cuts – the impact on national security
  • Leadership failures, scandals, and investigations
  • Operational tactics and techniques to combat terrorism

Here are a few that I don’t think will be as big this year in 2015. Nonetheless, expect them to be argued vigorously. These leadership issues can teach us a few things. I may be wrong, but overall these topics will not rise to the top:

  • Security and its compatibility with individual privacy and freedom – includes national security, community relationships with the police, and privately contracted security
  • Military strategy readjustment to support less national security
  • Federal budget deficit – includes entitlements like social security
  • Climate change – is it real and what are the possible social and economic repercussions

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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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