Finding the Greatest Adventure

By | July 14, 2021

[July 14, 2021]  As leaders and as normal human beings, we are drawn to adventure, that thrill of a challenge, seeing a great expanse of nature, or perhaps jumping from an airplane for the first time.  We seek our singular greatest adventure.  That is our nature, and it drives what we do and what we wish to do.

“The greatest adventure that you can possibly have is the one that you find if you look for the truth.” – Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

Over the past few months, I decided to write about my first combat tour of duty in the Iraq War.  Occasionally, there are articles written for my blog that pulled a few of the highlights from my time there.  Despite the distance in time, I have surprised myself how much I remember; so many details and can now feel again what I felt at that time.

Dr. Peterson’s quote got me thinking about this time and spurred me to put pen to paper and look for what made that time an “adventure.”  Might I suggest that it was my time to find my greatest adventure.  Now, I’m on the path looking again for what made that time seem like the longest year of my life and why I came out of it a better man, soldier, father, and leader.

To my family, I said that I was better because I understood life’s priorities better.  Sometimes I would say it was because I no longer cared about the minor things in life.  The family became more important to me, and I was less tolerant of others and their actions.  Mellow?  I was not mellow.  I was not in a daze; I was not drifting through life.  I was more focused than ever and more satisfied with life.

Dr. Peterson suggests that finding answers to unanswerable questions or unsolvable problems is perhaps due to incomprehensibly formulating these.  To do so, I believe, means that we look for the truth.  The concept of “truth” has come under attack recently in our society, and many believe that people can all have their own truths.  I don’t think so.  Truth is incontrovertible.

My time on the battlefield had me searching for the truth about me, my team, the enemy, and the Iraqi people.  The truth would keep us alive and would win the war.  This truth was about being morally correct.  There was no substitute.

Soon, I will put some of my ideas out here for comment from those who read my blog.  I would appreciate any feedback you would like to give.  Thanks to all for being part of those who read my blog.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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12 thoughts on “Finding the Greatest Adventure

  1. Drew Dill

    Hey folks, go over to the DAILY FAVORITES and read about Cuba and what is happening there. I know that the other day, Gen. Satterfield wrote about Cuba so I know its important. But only if you believe in freedom.
    Also go back and read Gen. Satterfield’s article from two days ago. Is Cuba on the Road to Freedodm?

    1. Max Foster

      Yes, something worth watching out for. I would like to comment that the Pres Biden/Harris administration has NOT addressed the freedom movement in Cuba. Why is that? I propose that they love communism and Cuba’s current tyrannical government and that a freedom movement goes against their own beliefs.

      1. Billy Kenningston

        Nailed it. You guys are all over this. Gen. Satterfield, another article please on Cuba’s freedom movement and your thoughts.

      2. Army Captain

        I agree with each of you and would like to read more about what Gen. Satterfield has to say.

        1. Army Vet

          Max, and others. I know Gen. Satterfield well enough to know that he will be writing about the fee Cuba movement. What I will say, however, is that the United States must stand up and support this free movement (rejecting Communism). I’m frankly surprised that the Cuban government has lasted this long. Maybe now is the time for a new worldwide freedom movement. The US media will suppress any info on it because they are Communist at heart.

          1. Don Snow

            Great comment, Army Vet and we hope to see your next article here soon.

  2. Steve Dade

    Loved this article Gen. Satterfield but I admit to not understanding what you are completely getting at.

      1. corralesdon

        Just what I was thinking, but also propose what you are doing about it.

  3. Valkerie

    General Satterfield, this article has got me to thinking about my life and how I carry out my duties as a supervisor in a grocery store. Am I doing a good job? The better question is, Am I looking for the truth (in my life)? Now I have to go sit down and think.

  4. Silly Man

    And I thought today would start out easy. Gen. Satterfield, are you trying to be a philosopher?

    1. Wilson Cox

      Thinking the same thing here. Hey … what’s up folks.


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