Two Truths about Race

By | July 13, 2021

[July 13, 2021]  I have written about race and leadership in the past here in my leadership blog, but mostly I ignore the topic because I do not believe race is a significant factor.  Leadership is learned; we are not born with it.  Thus, I have always held that it matters not our race, gender, national origin, etc., whether we are a good leader or bad.  An article by R. Shep Melnick in Law & Liberty takes on this subject and addresses some truths about race.

Mr. Melnick reviews some of the critical findings of a book by Charles Murray.  Murray’s new book, Facing Reality: Two Truths about Race in America, published June 15, 2021, focuses on two facts that are largely ignored in today’s emotional debates (and conflict) over race, equality, and fairness.  One is that there are fundamental and significant differences in violent crimes rates by race.  And the second is that there are, again, major differences in cognitive ability test results.

Here are some exerts by Mr. Melnick:

Those seriously interested in taking practical steps to improve educational and economic opportunities for racial minorities cannot afford to ignore the “two truths” that he presents with overwhelming evidence.

Why is it particularly important to “face this reality” today? Because so many influential voices are dismissing it as unimportant. Current measures of cognitive ability, we are repeatedly assured, are culturally biased—symptoms of “white supremacy.” They don’t measure anything significant, but are merely a way to deny racial and ethnic minorities a proportional share of slots in prestigious schools and high paying jobs.

How should we react to the inconvenient fact of significant differences between group averages? We can ignore it, and dismiss any deviation from racial proportionality as evidence of racism. Or we can acknowledge the problem and take steps to improve the performance of minority children. 

Murray offers this useful conclusion in his final chapter: “Many of the problems are systemic, but they will not be solved by going after racism. They will be solved, or ameliorated, by going after systemic educational problems, systemic law enforcement problems, systemic employment problems.” Murray makes a convincing case that we cannot begin to address these educational, economic, and law-enforcement problems without facing the two “truths” that he describes.

One could trace all these problems back to slavery, segregation, and discrimination. But that will not make them disappear. Eliminating exam schools, covertly reserving slots at selective colleges for racial minorities, and instituting de facto hiring quotas for high skill jobs will only paper over the core problems rather than address them. 

Sadly, however, few are listening.  Our political elites fight the emotional battles occurring in their face but ignore the guerilla in the room.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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15 thoughts on “Two Truths about Race

  1. Pooch T.

    Race, ethnicity, gender are the triad of liberalism today. Currently, liberal thought in the US and elsewhere but mainly in the US has gone full Marxist. When you argue from a Marxist perspective, no other argument has any basis in reality. Marxists cannot be changed with facts. They must see hard reality and even then, they will blame their failures on other people.

  2. Max Foster

    Two undeniable truths get ignored in the emotional debate about racial differences. I would propose that the reason is there is a complete lack of courage by those discussing it. They know, if they speak of such truths, they will be vilified, canceled, or assaulted. Why put yourself into such a circumstance? Better to ignore it and get along. But ignoring reality does not make things better. That is why Affirmative Action laws never worked. They ignore the basic fact that people are different.

    1. Laughing Monkey

      Cowardice continues to reign. Our laws reflect the cowardice. Real differences remain and will always remain but we are only encouraging it to occur.

    2. Otto Z. Zuckermann

      The Law of Unintended Consequences has again raised its ugly head.

  3. Watson Bell

    Thank you Gen. Satterfield for bringing this new book by Charles Murray to light on your blog. I haven’t read any of his writings before because so many claim he is “controversial.” But by that, I presume they mean that he tells inconvenient truths.

    1. Rev. Michael Cain

      Inconvenient truth. Yes, that is exactly why people dismiss him. They can’t stand the truth.

  4. Len Jakosky

    I looked on line for other reviews. This is one of those books the average American should read and read now.

  5. Ronny Fisher

    If you are a liberal, ignoring these truths are paramount in keeping your sanity. There will always be folks who say the “tests” are biased. Yeah, true in that if you don’t speak English and the tests are in English, you will not do very good. But if I go to Germany and take the test there, I will score poorly as well. That is, of course, a stupid point and one used by liberals, the media, and stupid politicians the world over.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      Yes, I agree and we should be pushing back to say so. Don’t ever let these kind of arguments either convince you are go unchallenged.

    2. Eric Coda

      Good point, Ronny. Books like this one from Charles Murray help us shape our thinking and keep it on track. Putting out the “facts” is important but also important for us all to have an argument against stupidity.

      1. Harold M. Smith II

        Ha, that will not happen. Ignorance is ENCOURAGED by our politicians and so-called community leaders. It gives them the change to be the “big daddy” and thus popular.

      2. Gil Johnson

        I have to agree with you but arguments against stupidity fail for the very reason is that you are arguing with someone stupid. AND, they want to stay stupid, as well. Why? Got me!

        1. JT Patterson

          Because they are stupid. Or ignorant. 😊😊😊😊😊


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