First Steps for Little Feet

By | February 9, 2024

[February 9, 2024]  My wife Nancy alerted me to a book titled “First Steps for Little Feet in Gospel Paths,” initially copyrighted in 1882 by Charles Foster.  Her copy is dated 1913 with a handwritten inscription, “To Tommy from Aunt Jane and Uncle Maurice Easter – 1939.”  Nancy wanted to share one of the short stories.

I want to talk with you a little while and tell you what I saw.  As I was passing by a house I saw a birdcage hanging in the window, with a beautiful little bird in it.

The cage was new, and it was very pretty.  I know who made it.  A man made the cage to sell it and get money for it.  But the man did not make the bird.  Men can make cages and chairs and tables and houses, and a great many other things, but they cannot make things that are alive.  Only God can make them.

God lives up in heaven.  We cannot see him, but he looks down and sees us.  He sees us all the time, not only in the day, but in the night too.

In the night it is dark.  Then we lie down on our beds and go to sleep.  The sun goes away in the night, and we see the moon and the stars shining up in the sky.  But in the morning, when the sun comes again, we cannot see the moon and the stars any more.

God made the sun and the moon and the starts, and he put them up in the sky, where we can see them.

Now I am going to ask you some questions to see if you remember what I have read to you.

What did I see hanging in a window?

What was the cage?

You can obtain your copy on eBay or other similar sites, generally from $10 to $25.  I recommend getting yourself a copy before these kinds of religious books are banned or destroyed.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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20 thoughts on “First Steps for Little Feet

  1. Eric Coda

    Wow, very nice, Gen. Satterfield. I plan on getting my copy of “First Steps for Little Feet in Gospel Paths,” copyrighted in 1882 by Charles Foster.

    1. Shawn C. Stolarz

      Looks like several of us are getting a copy of this book. I hope they don’t run out. Be sure to follow Gen. Satterfield’s advice and get your copy today before they are burned or banned. Only in America would religiously themed books be banned and burned. We are lost.

    2. Eddie Gilliam

      The book are going fast. I just finished ordering the last one dated 10 Feb. I am looking forward to reading it. Tks Mrs Nancy. Pray for healing 🙏

  2. Pastor John

    God lives up in heaven. We cannot see him, but he looks down and sees us. He sees us all the time, not only in the day, but in the night too.
    This is the kind of writing you see up until about late 1960 when things went haywire in America.

    1. Eddie Gilliam

      Pastor John
      You are so right ✅️. You can’t see the wind yet you know it’s present with a breeze. God is that way

  3. False Idols

    I look the book up on eBay AND ordered me a copy. Thank you, Gen. Satterfield for the recommendation.

    1. docwatson

      I did too False Idols. The book should arrive next week and i will start reading it and the book will have a special place on my small bookshelf. 😊

  4. Bernie

    ‘The cage was new, and it was very pretty. I know who made it. A man made the cage to sell it and get money for it. But the man did not make the bird. Men can make cages and chairs and tables and houses, and a great many other things, but they cannot make things that are alive. Only God can make them.” — 1882 by Charles Foster

  5. Doug Smith

    Read today’s DAILY FAVORITES. Best one in a long time.
    Jill Biden knew. His aides knew. Heck, James Clyburn, the entire Democratic establishment knew. Yet, terrified that Bernie Sanders would win the nomination and then fail to take down their mortal enemy, Donald Trump, they propped up Biden like he was a Potemkin candidate — or, more accurately, “Weekend at Bernie’s” — to try to capture some Obama nostalgia. POWERFUL and what else is there to say but OUCH! Gotcha.

    1. Max Foster

      Devastating. Joe Biden is mentally incapable of being president. But Gen. Satterfield wrote years ago that the real problem with Joe Biden is that he lacks the good character to be President of the US. And, Gen. S., once again, nailed it. We should have paid attention and now the US is paying the price of having an incompetent commander in chief.

      1. Eddie Gilliam

        When you write things from a political perspective or view without the fact you mislead people. The lawyer mislead info on the issue of the president did not remember of date death of son. Parents remember that critical information. I was told by wise man info you political; you spit out the bone and enjoy the meat. It election year let’s be fair to both parties.

      2. Eddie Gilliam

        “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. What am i saying we all have flaws in our lives. We sometimes get to focus on the flaws of one particular party and forget the fact that other which is our own have flaws too

    2. Dern McCabe

      Yep, ouch. And the Biden goes out right away and proves Hur right.

    1. Rev. Michael Cain

      Yes, indeed. Janice, we all can see that this is a beautiful, Godly passage from nearly 150 years ago. And modern women are saying these were terrible people because they don’t have “modern” values. Pray for those modern souls who are lost. 🙏

      1. Bryan Z. Lee

        But the “modern woman” who is independent (and unhappy living alone with her cats) will call you and this book crazy and backwards and stupid and mysogoistic. Oops, misspelled that.


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