Free Speech: more than you Think

By | January 31, 2023

[January 31, 2023]  We think with speech.  Free speech is identical to freedom of thought.  And free speech is not just another freedom or right among many.  It is the antidote to ignorance and corruption.  If thought is not free, it’s not thought.

“A world without freedom of speech is a world of slavery and tyranny.” – Dr. Jordan Peterson

Free speech is certainly not viewpoint diversity like we are so often told.  It’s the mechanism by which we generate the ideas that allow us to organize our experiences.

Allowing yourself to notice what you actually think about things, by talking about them, is good for you.  Your understanding of the world depends upon it.  The most fundamental truth is that your lies warp your sense of being and twist your relationships with others to such an extent that you are not who you could be, and your true self will never be revealed.

Free speech is also the mechanism that allows us to reformulate and criticize our own ideas when they are outdated and sterile.  More than that, it’s the mechanism that allows us to reconstruct and revive those same ideas when they’ve become stale and corrupted

The entire Judeo-Christian enterprise to this date has been an attempt to do just that, to elevate to the highest place the notion of the Divine Redemptive word (or setting yourself free from captivity), and there’s no truth deeper than that.


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20 thoughts on “Free Speech: more than you Think

  1. Frank Graham

    Indeed, free speech is much more than a ‘right,’ as it is what gives us thought. That gives us freedom. There is no other way.

  2. Mikka Solarno

    Yes, indeed, free speech is more than just a ‘right’ given to us from the government. That is a fundamentally important idea. Government does not ‘give’ us rights, they protect our God-given rights. And as long as the government and the college snowflakes & their professors believe rights come from the government, then we are in trouble.

    1. Bill Sanders, Jr.

      Yep, exactly why I keep coming back. Did anyone submit this leadership website to be among the best? Let’sdo it.

  3. Wife

    Yes, free speech is the ultimate foundation for any successful country, state, community, family, or person.

    1. Rev. Michael Cain

      Ayn, you are right that much of what Gen. Satterfield has been writing about lately is intertwined with stories of the Bible. Religion is universal. And stories of the Bible are not random thoughts but stories that have bubbled up as the very best of stories and condensed into short spurts throughout. Gen. S. has tagged them and is now trying to explain how they can make our lives better.

  4. Fred Weber

    The entire Judeo-Christian enterprise to this date has been an attempt to do just that, …. yep.

  5. Pen Q

    I had to read these two sentences twice before I actually understood it. “Allowing yourself to notice what you actually think about things, by talking about them, is good for you. Your understanding of the world depends upon it.” Continuing that thought is what I’d like to see Gen. Satterfield tackle in the near future.

  6. Wendy Holmes

    Gen. Satterfield, you’ve once again done it. A little tough reading your article, or at least I am not too smart.

    1. Linux Man

      Sometimes, when in a hurry, I think Gen. Satterfield is just trying to get his thoughts down, not always clearly, so at least he has a starting point to continue the idea and then move it forward after we make comments. This is a case like that and I, for one, enjoy the challenge. Keep up the great works you are doing here Gen. Satterfield and be sure to let us know when you will be bringing out a new book. You latest “55 rules for a good life” was superb and my friends enjoyed reading my copy.

      1. ZB Two Two

        Yes, indeed, that is sometimes what happens. And, when we have such an article, then it is up to us to help clarify. If you read these webpages, you will begin to understand that.

        1. Eduardo Sanchez

          ZB, yes I agree but some of us need more explanation. If you can help push that narrative then please do.

  7. Harold M. Smith II

    Go to Gen. Satterfield’s DAILY FAVORITES and read “Woke Revolutionaries Versus Americanists”. Excellent article and part of what we’ve all being discussing recently here in this leadership forum. How to take the game away from the tyrants.

  8. Emma Archambeau

    I like the two ideas of freedom of speech and adventure. Boy, that sure is the truth.

    1. Unwoke Dude

      Too many folks, esp. young people, would rather have governemnt handouts than actual freedom because with freedom it takes responsibility and the pursuit of truth. Now, ha ha, I’m the philosopher! 😉

      1. Plato

        Good observation. Now, the struggle is to convince those who impose slavery upon themselves to become free men and women. Now that is something that we desperately need a narrative to use. We don’t have it. But we need that convincing argument.


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