A Relook at American Core Values

By | February 1, 2023

[February 1, 2023]  Shortly after retiring from the U.S. Army, I wrote a three-part series (see them below) on American Core values.  I recently wondered to myself if these 10 values hold true or maybe I would write a better explanation of each.

Here is quick list of the 10 American values I identified:

  1. Liberty and Freedom
  2. Equality and Individualism
  3. Democracy
  4. Strength and Winning
  5. Family
  6. Independence and Individual Responsibility
  7. Future Orientation, Happiness, and Life
  8. Integrity and Honesty
  9. Faith
  10. Defender of the Helpless

This is a great list to begin any discussion about American values.  In our culture today, such a discussion is overdue.  And, of course, there are additional values, good ones, that did not make my top 10 list, such as: “being a team player (although implicit in #4)” or “telling the truth.”  For now, I’m sticking to the original 10.

The American values list is NOT in any particular order.  That, however, is something to debate.  For example, I believe the top three should be; 1. Liberty and Freedom, 2. Family, and 3. Faith.  And all values listed here are intertwined explicitly into all the others, making them difficult to distinguish when trying to get the message out about the importance of these values.

More on this topic later.

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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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22 thoughts on “A Relook at American Core Values

  1. Qassim

    Praise Gen. Satterfield for this important exposure of the great values of America!

  2. Eye Cat

    This ‘relook’ is a good hint at something very important and that is the fact that we Americans are NOT having a real discussion on what are our American values and, more than words, what do they actually mean. I know Gen. Satterfield gave a short explanation but we need more. And, we need a forward strategy.

    1. Autistic Techie

      Good info, Eye Cat. YES! We should have a ‘discussion’ but one that is not controlled and managed by the political or education ‘elites’ here. They are the very ones who have distorted and hidden and denigrated our American values to being with. Listen to your fellow citizens. That is the way to the narrow path to enlightenment.

  3. Armywife

    I might add the value of a life although for me that is a very important part of my faith.

    1. Mike Baker

      ArmyWife, that is the true pathway to a good life. And, yes, life is more than the ‘pursuit of happiness’ but understanding and protecting life from its earliest point in the womb.

  4. JT Patterson

    Gen. Satterfield, in this article, is reminding us that we should have an open discussion on American values.

    1. Mikka Solarno

      Yes, I’d nearly forgotten this Gen. Satterfield blog post from December 2020.

  5. Bird Man

    George Soros is an EVIL man; probably the most evil man in the world and even Putin is giving him a running start. Yet no one does anything to Soros. EVIL EVIL EVIL. He is attempting to destroy all democratic nations, starting with America. Soros rejects all these American values.

  6. Valkerie

    Liberty, Family, Faith. Top 3, yep. I agree with General Satterfield on this one. Also, the entire10 list is the best. How we apply them is the challenge. 😎

    1. Boy Sue

      There will be some of those on the political, radical lift that will violently disagree with the top3 and top 10. Like many of us have said before, you cannot convince the radicals by using facts. You’ve got to use emotion and innuendo. That is the future. Expect radicals to resist.

      1. Dead Pool Guy

        We do need a strategy to keep the extremist on their back feet and never let them claim the higher ground because the harbor resentment, pessimism, hatred, distain for, andwell I repeat myself. You don’t want people like them around you.

  7. Greg NH

    Liberty and Freedom
    Equality and Individualism
    Strength and Winning
    Independence and Individual Responsibility
    Future Orientation, Happiness, and Life
    Integrity and Honesty
    Defender of the Helpless

  8. Good Dog

    Liberty, family, and faith. I agree these are the top American values. Go anywhere anytime and watch how are applied day to day.

  9. docwatson

    Great list of 10 American values. I’m looking forward to future writings on it, and yes we do need a debate.


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