Independence Day: July 4, 1963

By | July 4, 2016

[July 4, 2016]  The first fireworks I ever saw was when, at the age of 11, my dad drove our family to see my great aunt in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Late that evening as we crested a hill overlooking the valley where the city is located, from the backseat of the family’s ’49 Chevy four-door sedan, I got a great view of fireworks over the city.  My dad said to us that those fireworks were about Independence Day.

I was already familiar with Independence Day.  It was taught to us by our teachers in the small school I attended during the regular school year along with my brother and sister.  We learned through a variety of teaching techniques including each of us reading from a book on the Founding Fathers, participating in a stage play about patriotism, and from selected town leaders talking to us about what Independence Day meant to them.

To us, it was something to be proud of and to be a part of something unique and powerful.  Perhaps that’s where I gained my pride and happiness to be an American.  I’m also privileged to be one of many who served their country in time of war.  My friends hark from those days in northeast Louisiana where we played sandlot baseball (although there was no sandlot) and hunted small game on a wooded lot outside of town.  We are still close to one another.

Like all the families near us growing up, we all celebrated with cookouts, playing games, and visiting relatives.  Those times were special and I try to keep the tradition alive today.  Those were good times and I personally will never forget them.  Special thanks to my dad and my mom for making it great for us kids.

We are happy that there is an Independence Day and each of us knew that it means we stand up to defend it whenever it is threatened.  All Americans have my respect for the part they play in making the USA a great and independent nation.

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