Kamala Harris: Lessons in Leadership

By | June 30, 2022

[June 30, 2022]  Before the last U.S. Presidential election, I summarized 20 proposed traits a senior leader must possess; traits that would make them successful.  They don’t need them all, but they will fail if they are off-target on most.  I’m not going to go over all today to compare VP Kamala Harris point by point (you can do that on your own), but I want to highlight one of the most important ones and put it up for debate – be a “great communicator.”

On Monday this week, I watched a CNN interview with VP Kamala Harris.  The interview was typical, primarily to allow the White House to convey its main points.

CNN’s Dana Bash wanted to quiz Harris about Roe v. Wade.   Honestly, CNN is on the “woke” bandwagon and wanted to give Harris a chance to publicly bash the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling.1  It was a senior leadership opportunity for Harris.  As my childhood friends call it, CNN was lobbing one softball question after another, hoping Harris would “get angry” to fire up the liberal base and clarify what the White House wants to deliver and as a firm message.

Don’t get me wrong, being in a senior leadership position isn’t easy and requires being ready to explain yourself in terms the average person can understand.  My favorite Harris quote from the interview:

As a woman myself.  And a daughter of a woman.  And a granddaughter of a woman.

Well, at least one person in the White House knows what a woman is.  The quote stands alone among many similar.

Harris made the point that in the U.S., every “person” has the Constitutional right to an abortion.  Then she went on another journey about how kids were impacted by the end of Roe v. Wade.  I’m unsure how that could be; maybe I’m just missing her logic.  As a side note, I’m sure every kid in America is pretty happy they weren’t aborted.

“You know, I’ve thought about it as, you know, a parent [Harris’ husband has two children from a previous marriage] … and as an aunt of pre-school children.”

And, as usual, Harris smiled weirdly, cackled weirdly, and made weird talking points.  And every Democrat consultant in the country had the same thought.  Are we stuck following this nincompoop?

Harris is no great communicator in VP Kamala Harris.


  1. CNN’s television and news media reporters were enraged about the Supreme Court ruling. Their anger spilled over into their news coverage.  If you read anything, even not on the subject, you had to read their opinion in every sentence.  News to them is not news but a chance to give their opinions disguised as reporting.


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21 thoughts on “Kamala Harris: Lessons in Leadership

  1. American Girl

    Here’s the real lesson. When you elect someone, or hire someone, or do something with someone who is chosen because of their gender, race, religion, etc., then you are going to not get done what you want done. Put that person out there, like the new White House press secretary, and you get gibberish. They can’t cut it. When will the American govt stop being racist, sexist, and homophobic by hiring clowns based on their race?

  2. JT Patterson

    No experience worth any value except having sex with powerful politicians.

    1. Pooch T.

      Ineptitude! Yep! Come away with any other conclusion, you are willfully blind to reality.

  3. Max Foster

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Hey, if you guys don’t think Gen. Satterfield is telling the truth or analyzing it properly, go ahead and watch the full interview. Watch any interview. No wonder the White House doesn’t want her out there talking. Please Kamala, don’t talk to people. That helps our message when we don’t really have a relevant message.

  4. Frontier Man

    “And, as usual, Harris smiled weirdly, cackled weirdly, and made weird talking points. And every Democrat consultant in the country had the same thought. Are we stuck following this nincompoop?” Ah, yes, nincompoop!

  5. British Citizen

    VP Harris, the Peter Principle in action. 😊 Cheers!

  6. Harold M. Smith II

    I went back to Gen. Satterfield’s original article that had the 20 traits of senior leaders and did a bit of analysis myself, just like it was suggested. Oh my goodness! When you put Kamala up against those traits, wow, she simply doesn’t cut it. No way. Example: experience, check, bedroom with powerful politician, check.

  7. Linux Man

    I always look forward to these articles by Gen. Satterfield (and an occasional guest writer). He sure has been on a roll recently and this hard-hitting diatribe about the failed leadership of US VP Harris (altho he doesn’t say so). Harris slept her way up in politics and got selected as a VP candidate because she was a woman of “color.” Goes to how you what happens when you don’t select leaders based on merit.

    1. Janna Faulkner

      … and folks wonder why men don’t like women in senior positions. Why? Because men know most women who are there did not earn it.

      1. Emma Archambeau

        Right Janna. Kamala Harris is an embarrassment to women everywhere. She set our cause back by 50 years due to her stupidity.

      2. Greg Heyman

        Yep, Harris is an example of what a leader should NOT be. If you disagree with me, fine. But give me – please give me – an example of what she has accomplished? Just one, please.

  8. Greek Senator

    You Know
    You Know
    You know that I’m quoting the number 2 leader in the world. You Know!

    1. Army Captain

      Yep, you know. I quote Kamala Harris, “You know.” or “You KNOW!” or maybe this, “You …. knowwwww.” I got it, did you?


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