Men: things that ruin Your Life

[July 1, 2022]  You don’t want to be too aggressive, too assertive; you want to take a back seat and not make any waves.  Wrong; for men, this is how you can ruin your life.  Good men must be a Lion among men.  If you want to be in a healthy relationship, sometimes you must be uncomfortable and willing to be sad, angry, or disappointed.

A harmless man is not a good man.  A good man is a very dangerous man who has his aggression/emotions/strength under voluntary control.  We are told, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.” – Matthew 5:5.  The proper interpretation of “meek” is a person who carries a sword and knows how to use it expertly, but keeps it sheathed.  He walks knowing that no one can harm him or those around him without proper retribution.  This is why he is a dangerous man.

Being too nice can get you into trouble.  It can even stop you from finding true love or inventing something you believe in.  Being too nice ruins your life and relationships because you are weak, and women do not like weak men.  Yet, being nice is something we are taught all our lives, especially in school.  Some say that is why young boys do not do as well in a modern classroom environment.

Being nice can prevent you from getting those things you need as an adult, like earning a salary commensurate with your skills and abilities or love or doing good things.  Often, couples have problems from being too nice.  They store things up in themselves and don’t get angry, sad, or disappointed.  Then, one day, it all comes apart.

This is why they say that nice guys finish last.  And, yes, that is true.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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20 thoughts on “Men: things that ruin Your Life

  1. Willie Strumburger

    Men, pay close attention to this. You’re life can be easily ruined if you want to be a ‘victim.’ That will cost you forever. Just like the black race in American, perpetual victimhood – result is destroyed families, bad health, poor job prospects, prisons filled with blacks, and a tribal view of the world. Failure is the end. Play the victim card, and you cannot predict how terrible the world will be for you.

  2. Otto Z. Zuckermann

    BTW, Gen. Satterfield, yesterday’s article showing the lack of leadership with US VP Kamala Harris was spot on. She is what my friends and I call a “Ditz.” Don’t know if I spelled that right but you what I mean. You ask some women any question and you get an answer totally disconnected from the question. Kamala Harris is a ditz but also she is a person willing to do anything for political power. And, she is a narcissist. I know many organizations that do a lot to rid themselves of these kind of folks but look what we have here. I guess she slept with enough powerful men that she is protected. A real whore.

    1. Janna Faulkner

      VP Kamala Harris — birdbrain, cuckoo, featherbrain, featherhead, flibbertigibbet, nitwit, rattlebrain, scatterbrain, softhead, you pick!

  3. mainer

    Great website, Gen. Satterfield. I just keep coming back here. I started reading your site a couple of months ago and it seems like I’m already better for it. I’ve researched more some of the topics you post and I’m fascinated by what I’ve learned. Keep up your wonderful work!!!!!!!!

    1. Joe Omerrod

      Laziness is a factor that destroys men destiny. Lazy men always like to reap where they did not sow. As a young man you should be hardworking, put your strength at work, even if you are a certified graduate you can also put you hand at work.

      1. ZB22

        As a young man if you love money too much, the end could be grave. Money is good but your love for it should not supersede human love. The love of money can destroy your destiny.

  4. JT Patterson

    Hey folks, July 4th is coming up on Monday and let’s hope the weather that day is good. I for one will be outside on my BBQ and working to feed a house full of guests. And you? Be with family and friends. 😊

    1. Laughing Monkey

      Me too. Just plain old relaxing after a week of hard work. At least I’m working.

  5. KenFBrown

    Hi guys, I’m a real fan of this website (as you may know), so I wanted to say that Gen. Satterfield sure has made some advances in his website and the quality has improved IMHO. Thanks to all for commenting here. I also find that what you write makes me think and that is one of the reasons Gen. S. says he has this site.

  6. Rowen Tabernackle

    Once again, Gen. Satterfield nailed it. ✔

    1. Max Foster

      Of course, expect anything else? That’s why I’m one of this leadership website’s biggest fans and have been for a long long time. Want to read something to start your day? This is the place to go. Ha Ha. I love the forums because they get my mind thinking and Gen. Satterfield starts the process. Good for him and for those who want to know more about leadership.

      1. Goalie for Cal State

        Well said, once again, Max. I’m going to have a great weekend, BTW, getting ready for burgers and dogs on the 4th of July. 👀👀👀👀👀👀

        1. Greg Heyman

          … and getting ready to honor our men and women who protect and defend us.


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