Leaders Have to Prove Themselves … Always

By | December 17, 2015

[December 17, 2015]  The obligations of leadership are significant and profound.  It follows that no leader should take their duties lightly, whether in conduct of their professional obligations or in their personal affairs.  Only by doing so, with such moral and ethical traits, can leaders prove themselves always, every day, to their followers’

To be successful, leaders must have built a reputation of trust and confidence in others; showing their record of accountability, trustworthiness, and sound judgment.1  They must have undergone “testing” through relevant experiences and come out of those times unbeaten.  Otherwise, they cannot prove themselves as we rightly demand of our most senior leaders.

Today, as we witness the early political campaigns for the president of the United States, there are more than good ideas and powerful connections that make it possible for any one of them to do well against their competitors.  Currently each must participate in debates, give speeches, and travel throughout the country answering a myriad of questions about what they would do in any particular circumstance, about their experiences, and what they did that sets them apart.

Those who are successful in this endeavor have credibility.  Citizens are trying to gain information to help them decide who to vote for in the upcoming election next year.  Like any leader of their worth, each candidate is attempting to convince others that they possess the traits to be their president – to prove themselves worthy of the high office of president.

There are a number of leader characteristics that make it easier for that leader to prove themselves and remain credible; “likeability” rises above most of them.  A leader must be able to “connect” with their followers and if they have a likeable personality it will be easier.  If one cannot connect with others, then they will be unable to do so.

Leaders must also prove themselves every day to be successful.  Their “leader credentials” are easily lost if they stumble on a serious and important matter.  Senior leaders, who succeed by maintaining their credibility and prove themselves, are among those who are best in their profession.  In sports there’s a cliché that says we are only as good as our last game.2

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