Let’s Go Bingo

By | November 1, 2021

[November 1, 2021]  The title of today’s leadership article, “Let’s Go Bingo,” requires explanation. You’re right in assuming that “Bingo” fills the same place as “Brandon” in the more familiar slogan of today.  Bingo is a child’s song; however, in this case, it’s also the nickname of one bad dude, known as “Bingo the Thief.”

Long before I’d ever heard of the child’s song, while stationed with the U.S. Army in West Germany before their unification of East and West, I met “Bingo” Gunther.  Bingo lived and “worked” in Fürth (adjacent to Nürnberg, in the state of Bavaria).  He was a man not to be trifled with.  He had been a Prisoner of War, captured on the Eastern Front by the Russians.  Anyone who survived that experience had to be one tough SOB.

Bingo was a thief.  A special kind of thief.  You see, he worked for the U.S. Army, and he stole documents and equipment from the East German Army.  The Landstreitkräfte der Nationalen Volksarmee was part of the Warsaw Pact military opposing NATO during the Cold War.  It was rated as the best army in the Warsaw Pact, above the Soviets.  We wanted to know the enemy.  That meant Bingo had a job; he was a spy.

That’s right, Bingo was part of our espionage efforts, and Bingo was the best asset we had.  I personally met him only twice.  As a Military Policeman, I was tasked to secretly meet with him and gather several items taken from the East German Army.  Bingo was tough.  He made John Wayne look like a wimp, and I’m happy he was on our side.  Rumor has it that Bingo had a list of kills that exceeded a dozen.

These kinds of folks still exist, but they are rare.  They can only exist in today’s world hidden away.  America, in particular, but the West generally is losing strength.  We don’t tolerate spying, espionage, or sabotage (typical acts against the enemy).  Does that make America weak?  Yes, and it exposes us unnecessarily. America’s intelligence agencies are now focusing their efforts investigating moms at school board meetings.  This inward shift will have dramatic, destructive consequences.

Bingo was the kind of man we should put in charge of America’s safety.  At least he knew how to confuse the enemy, steal his property, understand his thinking, and kick some serious booty.  Bingo was his name O.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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17 thoughts on “Let’s Go Bingo

  1. Raymond Geory

    Hahaha, good one Gen. Satterfield. Thanks for a bit of biting humor. We need more of this. LGB! 👍

  2. Lady Hawk

    Hey guys, let’s stick to the subject. The idea that Gen. Satterfield is developing here for us, IMHO, is that strength matters and that to have strength, you must do those things that require risks taken by tough SOBs. If not, you will be left behind in the dirt and never recover. Good job today with this article Gen. S. Ignore the off-subject comments. Thanks, had to get this off my mind.

  3. Goalie for Cal State

    Let’s go Brandon! What else is there to say. Oh, did I trigger a snowflake? Good.

  4. Guns are Us

    Wow, this Bingo the Thief guy is the kind we really need these days. What he must have thought about the weaklings we now have in charge of our government.

    1. Ronny Fisher

      Who supports the weak when they are in charge? Only the wingnuts. Plenty of wingnuts around since we encourage them. In the past, Darwin’s Law told us how they were taken out of the gene pool. Today, we let them multiply at our expense. And, now Joe Biden wants to give every illegal immigrant separated at the border $450,000 EACH. Wow man, come on, you can’t make this up.

  5. Kenny Foster

    LGBFJB. I’m new to this acronym thing but I think I got it this time.

    1. Dog Man

      Even a lot of ‘snowflake’ college kids (I repeat myself, oh) have gotten on the bandwagon with F*** Joe Biden rants at football games. BTW, who watches professional football anymore … not me and not my family. A bunch of wimps with muscles. Boo, and they run away and cry. A bunch of babies. At least in college football they try. And, with the snowflakes chanting you can hear the “news” reporters screaming how horrible this is. Hahahahahah

      1. Dale Paul Fox

        THey don’t have anything else to do in college because they just claim ‘victim’ status and they automatically get a passing grade. Oh, the same passing grade as the most “abusive” white person in the classroom. Why not subtract a grade from the white guy and give it to the black guy. You know, come on man, slavery caused the black man to do poorly.

      2. Billy Kenningston

        Yes, f*** Joe Biteme. Sorry Gen. S., but your article will now be suppressed because we all jumped on FJB meme. Sorry. And, not the direction you were headed with this article.

    1. JT Patterson

      A kids song? Or an adult description of our current White House mentality.

      1. Edward M. Kennedy, III

        Let’s not kid ourselves, this is the description of the WH and the FBI and most so-called “intelligence” agencies that are on their deathbeds. They are so “woke,” they are in the clouds dreaming of the most wonderful perfect world. Below them, is reality.

  6. Rowen Tabernackle

    Funny but not funny. Now I can’t get the song out of my head.


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