A Vietnam Vet’s Fight with the Legal System

By | November 2, 2021

[November 2, 2021]  I received the following email from Joe Griffies, a real fighter who helps our most desperate veterans.  This is a Vietnam Vet’s fight with the legal system.  And, he gives us a perspective we should all understand, but do not.  Reprinted with his permission.

I want to share this e-mail I just received this morning. I am proud to say I was installed this past March 29 in Washington, DC into The Commemoration of the United States of America War Commission program.  Our Job is to locate Veterans and pin them and THANK them for their service.  I really believe our society that benefits from the GREAT SERVICE they enjoy every day here in this great country should be thanking us Veterans instead of the other way around.

My personal fight with the Cape May County Prosecutors office, the Criminal Judge that that presided that day in court and the spokesperson in the Chief Justices of New Jersey ‘s office of Supreme Court  would only serve to remind me of the ignorance of how our United States of Americans Veterans are looked upon and treated, in our present court system here in New Jersey.

I did not go to college or law school but instead went in the Army and Vietnam. I would not trade that in for all the Law degrees in the world. With only my high school education I know you cannot love your country and disrespect our Veterans at the same time. It’s very sad that in the 1960’s way too many of our colleges taught and participated in protesting the war and our Veterans. It is now 2021 and over fifty years since the Vietnam War started. We lost nearly 59,000 teenagers and young men and women in that war while many of New Jersey Lawyers and Judges and Supreme Court Judges got educated and went on to have successful careers. They should thank our Veterans and not look upon them as if we are not as good as they are. If anyone wanted a real education on America they should have gone to WW1, WW11, Korea, Vietnam , Iraq or Afghanistan.  I wonder how many could find Vietnam on a map. But I am sure they know where all the BMW dealership are.

Please look at this clip on some of the sacrifices our Veterans make for your freedom. Clean up the way the public is viewed in our court houses in New JERSEY.  We deserve respect and should not be profiled because we wear a shirt or hat that say Veteran on it.  If you disrespect our Veterans you are disrespecting our Flag.

I am asking Senator Booker and his committee in Washington to look into Veterans that went to prison or are presently in prison that PTSD was not presented in their defense during their trial.  My past experience at trials of Veterans here in New Jersey is that they are guilty because they served their Country. We must change this way of thinking and it starts at the top. Our Supreme Court in New Jersey .must change the way they view Veterans.

Happy Veterans Day coming up soon.  I wonder how many court employees that disrespected me that day when I was an invited guest speaker even know what Veterans Day means. I wouldn’t .be surprised if they thought it was a day to take their dog or cat for it’s check up at the Veterinarian.

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Please read Doug Satterfield’s new book, “Our Longest Year in Iraq,” at Amazon (link here).  And give it an honest “review.”

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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32 thoughts on “A Vietnam Vet’s Fight with the Legal System

  1. Randy Goodman

    Good to read that there are still plenty of patriotic Americans out there who care about our troops and veterans. “Go” Mr. Griffies.

  2. Erleldech

    Hey Mr. Giffies, please keep us informed on what your upcoming shows are about. I would like to hear it. I live in Michigan, so I won’t be able to hear it on the radio. I use iHeart radio.

    1. Boy Sue

      Same here but just use the link provided by Gen. Satterfield. That will take you directly to the website where you can also hear past broadcasts.

  3. DocJeff

    Joe Griffies is a hero of mine! Great guy! Listen to his program some day and you will see why!

  4. Lady Hawk

    Excellent article for an Election Day and a way for us to focus on what is important in our lives. Too many folks are distracted by our stupid politicians who pander to specific interest groups (some of which are violent like antifa and BLM). Don’t fall into those traps. Thanks Gen. S. Keep up the great work you are doing and please say hello to Joe G. for us when you see him next.

    1. Ronny Fisher

      Yes, and we should all be so lucky to have such a friend. But it’s more than luck.

  5. Rusty D

    Gen. Satterfield, once again, you’ve done it by getting me to “see” those things others wish we did not see. Seeing the situation – good and bad – of the veterans is more than insightful. I would hope it also motivates. I’m not a vet but my dad and uncle are vets and their service made them great men in their own right.

  6. Greg Heyman

    “If anyone wanted a real education on America they should have gone to WW1, WW11, Korea, Vietnam , Iraq or Afghanistan. I wonder how many could find Vietnam on a map. But I am sure they know where all the BMW dealership are.” OUCH, this Joe Griffies guy knows how to make a sharp point. And, I’m sure he takes a lot of flak for it but when you’re over the target, expect to get shot at. Go Go Go Joe G.

    1. MrJohn22

      Yeah, great comment. I’ll use that statement myself in the future. The snowflakes all know where the BMW dealerships are located but probably couldn’t name a single military veteran.

    2. Randi Jamison

      “I did not go to college or law school but instead went in the Army and Vietnam. I would not trade that in for all the Law degrees in the world.” This is another line Joe Griffies used. And, this one is just a good. Thanks Joe Griffies for helping our Vets.

    1. Georgie B.

      Some of them are:
      Understanding and abiding by civilian legal standards that may be different from military standards.
      Coexisting with cultures, values, and norms different from those of the military.
      Dealing with authority figures.
      Re-establishing and even re-evaluating relationships with family and friends.
      Finding a new career path.
      Pursuing college/university education.
      Locating a new home.

      1. Max Foster

        Yes, Georgie and many more, of course. The radio show that Joe Griffies runs is very well done; fast paced, to the point, great questions to provoke useful answers, and a non-stop spot-on show of tremendous benefit. If you have not listened to the show., then treat yourself this upcoming Saturday afternoon. You won’t regret your decision. There comes a time when we must step up to support the veteran. That time is now.

      2. catorenasci

        Thank you Georgie for listing these. Well done and thanks to Brig. Gen. Satterfield for his involvement too.

        1. Bryan Z. Lee

          My thinking exactly. I’m happy that I found this leadership website. Altho, IMHO, Gen. Satterfield goes way beyond leadership and delves into the realm of being a “good” human being. It takes more than being born, but it takes effort, focus, and the right values.

  7. Dale Paul Fox

    As a Vietnam War vet myself, I appreciate what Joe Griffies is telling us. I’ve been saying it for years. Plus, now that there is a better understanding of PTSD, we should never forget the effects it has on us.

    1. Frankie Boy

      Thank you for your service, and ….. I mean it. Good to always read what you are thinking Dale. I’m with you. As, Gen. Satterfield is fond of saying, I wouldn’t mind having you in my foxhole.

  8. Harry Donner

    Gen. Satterfield, you sure know how to pick some good friends. Those that do good for our Vets and for our country should be held up as a paragon of “good” for the whole nation. Too many today are willing to divide us by race, gender, religion. Those are evil. This Joe G. of yours is a great guy.

  9. Rev. Michael Cain

    You’ve written about Joe Griffies before, Gen. Satterfield in a very positive light. I went out to listen to his shows. They are fun to listen to and hear the voices of so many good folks who support our veterans. Well done. Joe Griffies is a hero to many.

    1. Dead Pool Guy

      I too started listening to his show via the Internet links provided earlier. Good show.

      1. Wendy D

        Go listen to this talk show host. You’re gonna love him. 👍❤️❤️

    2. Goalie for Cal State

      Yes, and for those who have not heard his show, you are missing out. If you are a Vet, listen in Saturdays’ 2 to 4pm.


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