Profile: Richard the Lionheart

By | February 20, 2015

[February 20, 2015] An advantage in the study of great leadership is that sometimes we are provided with a historical figure and there is considerable documentation on his life. Such is the case with Richard the Lionheart, who ruled as King of England as Richard I. Born 1157, Richard earned a number of titles as a relatively young… Read More »

The U.S. Embargo on Cuba

By | February 19, 2015

[February 19, 2015] The economic embargo on Cuba by the United States is the longest economic embargo of modern times. Yet throughout its existence, the embargo has been at the center of an emotional controversy and on-going debates. Whether the embargo has been effective is questionable and may begin to ease as the U.S. President removes some limitations.… Read More »

What is a Strategy to Defeat ISIS? (Part 2)

By | February 17, 2015

[February 17, 2015] Previously it was put forward that none of the popularly discussed strategies for defeating ISIS were sufficiently comprehensive – that the U.S. government had a poorly articulated “strategic patience” strategy, and that both are likely to fail. Today, a final four key items are presented that will make for a stronger grand strategy1 to defeat… Read More »

What is a Strategy to Defeat ISIS? (Part 1)

By | February 16, 2015

[February 16, 2015] There have been a number of recent proposals for a strategy to “degrade and defeat” the terrorist group ISIS and, as well, considerable criticism of the U.S. lack of any clear strategy or leadership. While this generates valuable discussion, most of these lack a comprehensive (or grand) strategy for doing so … perhaps purposefully. “Victorious… Read More »

Does the U.S. Have a Strategy to Defeat ISIS?

By | February 14, 2015

[February 14, 2015] There has been a lot of criticism and compliments, especially over the past few days, of the U.S. President’s strategy to defeat the Islamic terrorist organization known as ISIS. For purposes of better understanding what strategy is about, I would like to work through a few ideas to better understand why some of it is… Read More »

WWII: Bombing of the City of Dresden

By | February 13, 2015

[February 13, 2015] War! It has been said that “war solves nothing.” Yet this is so parenthetically untrue that its longevity still amazes most of us. War is a violent, brutish, and chaotic affair; and of course not without extraordinary controversy. Such is the case of the World War II firebombing of the city of Dresden, Germany beginning… Read More »