Political Investigation of Leaders (Update)

By | May 15, 2014

[May 15, 2014] I received a number of comments via email that expressed support for my observation that “investigations” are being used as a political tool to target leaders who are aggressive and controversial. Not that those leaders are conducting themselves unethically, illegally, or immorally (see link here), which is often the opposite of the truth.

Apparently these investigations are going on throughout the government at levels for beyond the federal level like within the DoS, DoJ, DoD, etc. but are affecting state government as well. Leaders are targeted, we are told, to prevent them from creating greater organizational efficiencies as in getting people to do their jobs. It appears that some workers are not willing to move outside their comfort zone.

Will this continue? The answer is yes. I’m being told that things are going to get worse – meaning greater uses of personnel time and dollars to look for things that are not worth investigating. In other words, the investigation will tie the hands of those accused while the accuser has no downside for bringing the allegations.

No one however can offer a good reason this is happening. I will write later on my view of how workers have changed over the past 10 to 20 years and how that may be one explanation.

Stay tuned.

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