Principles of The Cowboy Code

By | October 5, 2022

[October 5, 2022]  My wife and I have been watching several shows that cater to those interested in the lives of cowboys.  One recent show, Ultimate Cowboy Showdown (2019 – current), is a competition that judges who is the “best cowboy.”  Both men and women compete.  In this competition, we see the cowboy code on display and the mystique and romanticism of the Old West, where this code was developed.

The code came about on the western American frontier.  And, like so many codes we find in the West, they are often built upon Christian and common sense rules that made it possible to survive the difficult life on the frontier.

The 10 Principles of The Cowboy Code assembled by

  1. Live each day with courage.
  2. Take pride in your work.
  3. Always finish what you start.
  4. Do what has to be done.
  5. Be tough but fair.
  6. When you make a promise, keep it.
  7. Ride for the brand.
  8. Talk less and say more.
  9. Remember that some things aren’t for sale.
  10. Know where to draw the line.

There are more of these codes that target more specific jobs.  Like being the local Sheriff, we could add that there is always a trial by jury, vigilantism is discouraged, and your peers will judge you.  Not surprisingly, many of these have made significant advancements in modern-day law and other informal codes of ethics.

We may not be in the Wild West of the olden days, but people are not much different.  There are still criminals today, not unlike the outlaws and cattle rustlers.  Criminals today wear different clothes, but they are still criminals.  We still tell the truth, never steal, greet others openly, and are honest and hospitable.

The Cowboy Code will be with us always because they make up what we still do.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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24 thoughts on “Principles of The Cowboy Code

  1. Willie Shrumburger

    Occasionally you will run across a code of ethics that hits home and the Cowboy Code is one of them. It reminds me of the code of ancient travelers that says to always take in travelers whenever they show at your door. Sometime, an unknown time, you too may be dependent upon a stranger saving your life. This code of ethics is one you should cut out and post where you can read it everyday.

  2. Greg Heyman

    “8. Talk less, say more.” If only our politicians would go by this rule.

    1. Ronny Fisher

      That’ll never happen but we can wish. I haven’t watched the show but tonight when I get home from work, my wife and I will take a look. I wish them all the best.

      1. Xerxes I

        He He He, today, we are too narcissistic to pay much attention to this advice.

      2. Jonathan B.

        Good comment Ronny and Greg. Today, we are encourage to shoot off our mouths without thinking so that we can “feel” good about ourselves first.

  3. Watson Bell

    Like so many “codes of conduct”, this show demonstrates the cowboy code of ethics and are very similar to what Gen. Satterfield has been teaching us about for years. I’m not surprised that many folks like the show, even if they are not into cowboys or horses. There is something deep about following a code of ethics. Maybe we all want to.

  4. Harry Man

    I’ve been watching the show now for a year. I like Trace Adkins and his two sidekicks. The contestants are pretty good too. If you can, watch an episode or two. It takes at least one to get into the swing of the competition. It is truly a reality show with all the defects and personal problems that accompnay it.

  5. Bryan Z. Lee

    — and they show such beautiful horses and the care and closeness the cowboys have with their animals. There is a long history of mankind with horses and this show demonstrates it (altho often too lightly but it is still there). I look forward to seeing season 3.

  6. Army Captain

    Ultimate Cowboy Showdown is a reality competition series out of INSP TV (which specializes in Western movies and TV shows) in which a group of real-life cowboys from all across the United States are gradually whittled down in a series of elimination challenges where they are judged on skills, knowledge, grit, and passion, until there is only one contestant left standing. That last man or woman has the honor of winning a herd of cattle, a prize belt buckle, and the title of Ultimate Cowboy.

      1. ZB22

        For those who have always fantasized about life would be like as a cowboy, then boy, we have the show for you. Ultimate Cowboy Showdown is a show that will make you want to grab a steed of your own to gallop around and lasso some livestock with.

  7. Tom Bushmaster

    Love the show. I just saw my first episode. I’m happy to see that new shows coming out today are not all infected with Hollywood’s slobbering PC ideology. I hope this tv series is successful. With 3 seasons, maybe they are.

    1. Len Jakosky

      Yes, except the show tips the scales to the advantage of the women “cowboys.” Other than that wokeness, the competition is okay.

      1. Joe Omerrod

        Yes, but you still gotta have the cowboy skills as we saw when many of the petite women were quickly eliminated. Being a cowboy is a tough job.

    2. Unwoke Dude

      Not enough of these kind of shows. The producers out of Hollywood would lead us to believe sex and rape are what most folks are interested in watching.


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