Priorities: Peacetime versus Combat

[June 4, 2023]   It is often said that a leader’s performance in a peacetime environment cannot predict how that leader will act in combat.  This well-known knowledge of human performance has been recorded since the Roman Empire.  Under peaceful, less dangerous circumstances, the military leader has priorities that differ from combat, where death is expected.

“Inquiries are now no longer made about customs that have been so long neglected because, in the midst of peace, war is looked upon as an object too distant to merit consideration.” – Vegetius

In peace, the military leader’s priority is to ensure that the welfare of his troops is sustained.  The leader shows great interest and cares for those things that support them.  Such is the basis for the success of a military commander.  The credibility and prestige of the leader are at stake by those who serve under such a leader.  Out of necessity, this includes the proper training, housing, feeding, and attention to the troops’ morale so soldiering skills are carefully honed.

In combat, the priority of the leader shifts.  This commander takes a keen interest in the tactical problems of the troops.  The leader in combat must prove to those who serve him that all things possible will be done to help them solve those problems.  Such is the nature of combat as compared to all other times.  The best leaders take a personal interest in solving those problems because the lives of the troops depend upon them.

It takes direct experience in combat to understand and appreciate this basic rule of human performance … and that is why so many leaders fail in combat that was successful in peacetime.  They are unable to make the transition of priorities from peace to war.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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14 thoughts on “Priorities: Peacetime versus Combat

  1. The Observer

    Great blog post today, Gen. Satterfield. Please keep these on your site. Too many snowflakes out there and I get some great satisfaction watching them melt.

  2. British Citizen

    Thank you, Gen. Satterfield. BTW, I appreciate your Letters to you Granddaughter series.

  3. Willie Strumburger

    “Inquiries are now no longer made about customs that have been so long neglected because, in the midst of peace, war is looked upon as an object too distant to merit consideration.” – Vegetius
    …. love the quote
    Vegetius, in full Flavius Vegetius Renatus, (flourished 4th century AD), Roman military expert who wrote what was perhaps the single most influential military treatise in the Western world. His work exercised great influence on European tactics after the Middle Ages.

  4. Nick Lighthouse

    Good to see so many new faces here in the leadership forums. For those new here, be sure to check out the Daily Favorites (each day) and comment so that you can help develop your thinking. I find that a lot of feedback on any idea, crazy or not, is a good thing. As long as you push for the truth and don’t try to undermine folks, you will improve every day. Now, that takes a lot of work and dedication but after a couple of months you will see the difference. Gen. Satterfield is on top of this and his website is the very best.

    1. Chopper

      Well said Nick. Yep, that’s why I’m here, for sure.

      1. Cow Blue

        Exactly……. Gen. Satterfield gives us this space for no cost and his ideas are free. Thank you, Sir, for your continued support of freedom of speech and freedom from stupidity like the Wokesters and Snowflakes.

        1. catorenasci

          Yep, that too is why I am here in the forums. Always great to read other’s ideas and to see how others react … in a pleasant educational way.

    2. Harry Donner

      😁😁😁😁😁 Gen. Satterfield is the best.

  5. The Kid

    The “woke” crazies don’t understand the concept of war vs. peace, nor do they understand people. I’m a bit surprised because most 4 year olds grow up.

    1. Maximus

      Good one, The Kid. Thanks for brightening my day just a bit.

    2. Guns are Us

      Thank you The Kid for writing exactly what I was thinking.


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