Your Past is Here to Stay

[June 5, 2023]  Until recently, a person could relocate to another geographic area, gain helpful employment, and start a family, thereby leaving past transgressions in the past.  The permanency of our past is, however, here to stay.  Many well-known people have experienced a bit of embarrassment when their past behavior and associations were made public.

Things that occurred decades ago, perhaps when we were not as mature in our thinking or actions, have returned to haunt us.  But there is a way to minimize its effect on us today.

Recently, several senior educators have adopted the gender ideology that men and women can be any gender at any time and change with their feelings at that moment.  This has led to the adoption of many destructive policies affecting young children and damaging them physically and emotionally.  This is not good for them or the children in their care.

Our past can impact whether we get a good job … and can keep it.  The lingering effects are significant and long-lasting.  Many politicians have had their military and college records sealed so that others cannot discover things about their past associations, behavior, or ideas.  For example, Past Secretary of State John Kerry had his military records sealed.

And frankly, our actions speak loudly.  Even those in our past – right, wrong, or misunderstood our behavior may have been.  Leaders know this is a fact of leadership but should be ready to discuss it openly, with candor. Otherwise, people will believe that hiding or understating its impact makes you reprehensible.

Honesty and humility are the two most important leadership characteristics that will allow leaders to minimize the pull of the past.  Be prepared to discuss it, admit what was done, never underplay its importance, and never make excuses.  The past is what it is, and deal with it without embarrassment.  Those who want to make something of it will have to face you, the senior leader, who will not give in to their obsessions.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

Hello. I provide one article every day. My writings are influenced by great thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Jung, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Jean Piaget, Erich Neumann, and Jordan Peterson, whose insight and brilliance have gotten millions worldwide to think about improving ourselves. Thank you for reading my blog.

13 thoughts on “Your Past is Here to Stay

    1. The Observer

      That’s why we are here, New Girl. And to test our ideas. I sure wish our politicains would run their ideas thru this leadership forum, that would straighten many of them out.

  1. Emma Archambeau

    Wow, Monday morning early and we are back into giving advice that most of the GenZers and Millenials will completely ignore and then go about their lives wondering why things are not working out so well. Below, Erledech gives some great recommendations to read Gen. S’s book. Do so and you will be satisfied you did.

  2. Erleldech

    Your past is here to stay and don’t you damn ignore that advice that Gen. Satterfield is handing out for free. And, BTW, get a copy of his book “55 Rules for a Good Life” so you can find out more of his “rules” that will, if you follow them, a much better person and leader. You will also get to read about the secret of life and living graciously. Nothing could be better.
    Read and learn.

    1. Chuck USA

      Gen. Satterfield has a great website and his book is the top top top.

  3. Goalie for Cal State

    Yep, and with social media, and enemies you make, they will find you and publish what you did in your face wherever you go. You probably deserve it too.

      1. old warrior

        that don’t stop stupid, nothing stops stupid, not even a kick in the arse.

        1. Silly Man

          Stupid is as stupid does. Wow. Somebody said that once. I wonder who?

    1. Obama Cash

      You got that right Goalie. And perhaps now, instead of fearing God, you fear future exposure. Not the best solution but it is working a little bit. I just love it when crazies are confronted in public with their transgressions and they are mad as hell someone caught up to them. Esp. true in the Black community with folks with Obama.

      1. USA Patriot II

        Nailed it. And now Obama is rich rich rich. Nothing like getting our share.


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