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Profile: the Dalai Lama

By | October 17, 2018

[October 17, 2018]  Yesterday I was speaking with a medically-discharged soldier who had received horrible wounds in Afghanistan.  He told me that he survives his awful wounds because of his belief in the principles espoused by the Dalai Lama.  Those who can carry on after such traumatic events are only those who find a deep spiritual faith within… Read More »

Profile: John S. Mosby

By | September 7, 2017

[September 7, 2017]  Those who have fought in war possess a unique perspective on the duty one holds when in combat with the enemy.  War has a deep impact on those who are involved in the violence, more so than commonly understood.  Success, however, is determined by those traits we possess prior to battle, not those developed within. … Read More »

Profile: James Mattis

By | June 3, 2017

[June 3, 2017]  In December last year I profiled U.S. Army General Raymond Odierno.  Senior military Flag Officers in the U.S. are similar in many of their key traits, but also differ significantly in other areas of leadership.  One that differs is James Mattis, retired U.S. Marine four-star general and current Secretary of Defense under U.S. President Donald… Read More »

Hero: Lionel Crabb

By | May 19, 2017

[May 19, 2017]  British Royal Navy officer Lionel Crabb was a frogman (underwater diver) who served with distinction during World War II and for a time afterwards.  He was described as tiny and a poor swimmer with a long nose, bright eyes, and with his miniature frame he might have been an aquatic garden gnome.1  Lionel Crabb is… Read More »