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By | November 15, 2021

[November 15, 2021]  Robert Reid, the President of the Absecon Historical Society (of New Jersey), invited my wife and me to one of their meetings.  I found the townsfolk to be warm and accommodating, informed, and happy to hear my comments on the Iraq War.

We didn’t catch what happened earlier in the day.  The Historical Society opens its doors to all those who enter and encourage learning about history, especially the significance of Absecon in Atlantic County.  They all spoke with pride about their town and how they worked hard to obtain the old bank building (making significant, expensive repairs) where they are located.

I was invited to speak about the Iraq War and discuss my new book, “Our Longest Year in Iraq.” It was a good time, as we sat around discussing my “war stories” but more importantly, what we thought of the debacle in Afghanistan, the threat of China (yes), and Russia (not so much).

Weapons of Mass Destruction came up, and I spoke in detail about how we found large numbers of poisonous gas artillery shells (mustard and sarin nerve agents).  These large caches of chemical weapons existed, and U.S. forces spent a lot of time securing them for later proper disposal.  The common refrain that “Bush lied” about WMD was put to bed early.

We had a small surprise when an older lady came in after our WMD discussion claiming that “Bush lied” about WMD in Iraq.  I laughed as those in attendance quickly corrected her.  True enough, there were no Nuclear or Biological weapons discovered. However, there was an active nuclear research facility outside Baghdad in the old Osirak Nuclear Research Facility.

I was happy to meet Bill and Richard Hoch.  Bill, 94, pointed to a photograph of his four brothers, who served in WW2 in combat.  One of them was captured in the Philippines, survived the Bataan Death march, but died of starvation in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp.  His son Richard told us more stories of his dad, Bill, and why he strongly advocates learning more about history.

I also had the pleasure to meet the town Mayor, Kim Horton, Valerie Bush, Ann Clark, Nancy Erkman (officers of the society), and many other local interested citizens.  I was honored to sell them my new book and autograph it for them.


Please read my new book, “Our Longest Year in Iraq,” at Amazon (link here).

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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19 thoughts on “Reporting from a Historical Society

  1. Bryan Z. Lee

    Good for you, Gen. Satterfield. It is always great to hear stories about local townfolk who are doing great things in their community. I’m sure the citizens of Absecon, NJ are proud of what is being done at their local museum. I only wish I lived nearby and could visit. If you see them again, please let them know that their efforts are appreciated.

    1. José Luis Rodriguez

      Absecon, New Jersey, small town. Great place to raise your kids and be safe. Close to Atlantic City, however, a place where there is plenty of poverty and crime.

  2. Plato

    Thank you Gen. Satterfield once again for reaching out to people and telling the “story that needs telling.” The comments on WMD are spot on and, once again, crushing the ‘Bush lied” narrative that keeps popping up. If there were an honest media (the media is totally dishonest and untrustworthy) then this would go away but no. The media’s influence continues to fall to rock bottom because the average American can see right thru their anti-Americanism.

    1. Erleldech

      The U.S. media is highly partisan and highly against America and our values. Why don’t those socialist and communists in the media to live in a real socialist or communist nation and get the hell out of here. We all would be better off.

      1. Frankie Boy

        That’s an understatement. The media is anti-American, been this way for several decades now and the technqiue most common is to lie.

  3. Harry Donner

    Great article that gives us a glimpse into the world of a real leader. Working with folks everywhere, not just in big events, but ALL.

  4. old warrior

    Excellent blog post this morning. Using common sense on WMD in Iraq. The standard lie is running around the world in the face of facts. No surprise there when we can see plainly that our media is rabidly anti-American. We need to do a bit of butt kickin.

    1. JT Patterson

      You got that right, old warrior. That is why I keep coming back to this blog by Gen. Satterfield every day. I don’t miss a day. Each time, I’m surprised, but surprised in an intellectual way.

  5. Yusaf from Texas

    Good to see you getting out and helping get the word out on the Iraq War, Gen. Satterfield. Everyone needs to hear from you what really happened. And, I also recommend your book, Our Longest Year in Iraq (2021).

      1. Tom Bushmaster

        Big fan here Army Vet. I’m also looking forward to reading your next article. I’ve got your articles in my file along with my other goodies. Keep ’em comin’ our way.


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