San Francisco Giants Win World Series

By | October 31, 2014

[October 31, 2014] The San Francisco Giants deserve the accolades that come with winning Major League Baseball’s championship series. Congratulations to the Giants! Tucked in behind the win is great leadership ensuring that the “heart of the game” was never lost. Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy has been a key part of the leadership since 2006 and is the glue that makes this baseball team what it is today.

What most people don’t know – those who don’t follow baseball closely – is that the Giants weren’t supposed to make it this far into the postseason. There were many much better baseball teams and most experts were saying the Philadelphia Phillies had the best shot at winning the championship. The Giants won most of their games with very close scores (only 1 or 2 runs).

“When you put together a club, hopefully you have guys who are unified. You have that chemistry. And that’s not something that just happens. You have to work at it. These guys do.” – Bruce Bochy 

The Giants were a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and philosophies. What brought them together to win? It was the “club”, those in the Giants’ organization who were able to forge a team from a ragtag group of guys where there was not a single major baseball star among them. Amazing? Yes!

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