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By | September 29, 2013

Traveling Piano 5 x 3.75[September 29, 2013]  Yesterday in a small central Pennsylvania town, there was a community celebration called “Borough Day”.  The celebration, an annual event, is designed to show off the community-minded spirit of its people.

“The Little Town that Could®” demonstrates that strong leadership works great things regardless of the number of people involved, the resources available (small budget), or the size of the town.  From just a dozen citizens, there was a huge variety of free entertainment, low-cost train rides, free transportation, an antique car show, and complete community involvement.

From getting volunteers to help set-up to clean-up, beginning to end, both young and old helped where they could.  Those things that must be done that are often hid behind the curtain and often unseen were handled with great care and successfully.

The little town of Schuylkill Haven Borough managed to pull off a fantastic time for all, do so safely, and with everyone leaving happy … and yes a bit tired at the end of the day.

I tip my hat to those few who for the past 25 years pull this off, year after year, without complaint or without asking for a hand out from the government.

Splash the Clown 5x3.5Leadership is what made it happen.  Intense personal involvement by those on their committee showed us that all it takes is a little cooperation and a gentle push from a few wonderful people.


Schuylkill Haven Borough Day website:



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