Socialist Modus Operandi: Confuse and Deflect

By | March 21, 2016

[March 21, 2016]   There is much to be said about what Socialism is and what it is not.  Socialist Bernie Sanders, now running for the U.S. Presidency, says that it’s about being benevolent and gentle to others.  Others say that socialism has a documented track record of mass killings and leading people into poverty.  Either way, I will argue that the main modus operandi of socialism is to confuse and deflect a true understanding of its ideology and the methods used to implement it.

In March of 1940, Soviet agents were ordered to kill Polish prisoners.  During April and May of that year over 25,000 Poles were massacred.1  Known as the Katyn Massacre or the Katyn Forest Massacre, it was approved and directed by the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and is just one example of how far an ideology pushes people to protect Socialism.  Furthermore, Stalin wanted to conceal the deaths of the Polish intelligentsia and military officers because it would strain the relationships he was trying to build with liberals in the United States and Britain.  In that effort, he was not only successful but the confusion about the massacre persists even today.

The massacre was a criminal act of historic proportions and its implications radiate even today.  Killed were military officers, chaplains, landowners, refugees, university professors, physicians, lawyers, engineers, teachers, journalist and many others including Jews.  And, the Soviets have gone to great efforts to blame the massacre on Nazi Germany’s military.  The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) provides a good summary of the Soviet’s attempts to obfuscate and cover-up the atrocity beginning immediately after the event and since that time (see link).

The politicization of the massacre continues to be a great example of how socialists use confusion to hide the ugly side of the socialist ideology.  When exposed, the effort is to defect responsibility and use of lies, misdirection, and pandering as tools to advance their agenda of the “perfect” state of government.  To a socialist, government is the answer to everything and thus must be protected at all costs.

Socialism is a dangerous ideology and obviously this one example cannot begin to show the level of evil that it spins off in its wake.  The Katyn massacre was a direct attack on the Polish culture but also on the military, religion, the wealthy, intellectuals, journalism, and Judaism.  We can see parallels to that today as these institutions are under constant attack.  Confuse and deflect is the main effort in supporting Socialism and it will remain so because no one familiar with its history would ever agree to adopt it.

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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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