Stop Calling “Terrorism” Terrorism

[May 12, 2023]  Our betters in the media and government are telling us that we should stop calling “terrorism” by the term terrorism.  We all see the world elite working to help us not see the truth, and they are on the front lines of this every day.

“You don’t want to be too judgmental.  You don’t want to pick a side, even when it’s your own.  You want to adopt an abstruse terminology that obscures who is who, what is what, and what is happening.” – Scott Johnson, PowerLineBlog

Well said, Scott.  We certainly should not be calling a spade a spade.  That might be racist or something insulting.  Such behavior is far too judgmental for the cool people in power positions.  Look away from what is in front of you, or you should be ashamed.

It should also be no surprise that the Associated Press is all in on it.  The AP Stylebook advocates that “the use of the word terrorism or terrorist” is to be attributed to authorities concerning specific actions.  In other words, the words terrorism or terrorist might hurt their feelings

Recently, the terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad attacked Israel with rockets.  News outlets are calling them a “militant group.”  This says a lot about the complicity of the media.  If you want to read more about this, Melanie Phillips has a great article titled, “As Gaza’s rockets are fired at Israel, so are media missiles,” link here.

George Orwell wrote a few good books that are recommended reading for those who grew up in the last couple of decades.  You will find a cautionary tale about the use of words in his fiction.   I highly recommend him.  See my Reading List (Updated), where I list the top 14 books to read.  Number two on the list is 1984 by George Orwell.

Our woke elites have made their point.  And I won’t buy it.  I don’t deal well with stupidity.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

Hello. I provide one article every day. My writings are influenced by great thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Jung, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Jean Piaget, Erich Neumann, and Jordan Peterson, whose insight and brilliance have gotten millions worldwide to think about improving ourselves. Thank you for reading my blog.

15 thoughts on “Stop Calling “Terrorism” Terrorism

  1. Nick Lighthouse

    Sound like someone in government wants us to stop talking about what is directly in front of us. Go figure. Typical communist technique.

  2. Willie Strumburger

    Each day as I get up from bed, I turn on my computer to find out what Gen. Satterfield has written. I read it twice to ensure I get his meaning and then I go to this forum that Gen. S. provided to read what others say about it. I find this is a great tactic to add to my understanding of leadership and how to be a better person. Clearly, this article is about lying and Gen. S. has written much on the subject. My most favorite recent article is “You Must Lie to Survive Woke Culture.” If you get a chance, then read it. You might not be surprised by it was written by Gen. S. but you will find that he is an upright and religious man to be trusted. Today’s politicians cannot and will never be trustworthy.

    1. Fred Weber

      Great analysis and I agree with you Willie. Like always. Thanks.

  3. Plato

    The rulers of the state are the only persons who ought to have the privilege of lying, either at home or abroad; they may be allowed to lie for the good of the state. — Plato

  4. Army Captain

    When you hide your disdain for others by your words, then you are lying and we all know where that leds.

    1. Qassim

      Yes, it leads to corruption and destruction of your true self and others. It is the way to hell and the fall of your family, your community, and your nation.
      Don’t lie about anything, ever. Lying leads to Hell. Jordan Peterson

      1. Library Girl

        Lies, lies and more lies from our “betters.” Gen. Satterfield sure has a way of sticking it to those who believe they are morally superior to us and now insist on changing the language that makes their evil allies seem good. So call bad as good or black as white is no big deal to them.

  5. Kerry

    “You don’t want to be too judgmental. You don’t want to pick a side, even when it’s your own. You want to adopt an abstruse terminology that obscures who is who, what is what, and what is happening.” – Scott Johnson, PowerLineBlog
    Excellent quote, Gen. Satterfield.

  6. Valkerie

    Ya gotta read this … “How the Biden corruption empire ran under the radar for so long”
    “The Bidens took steps to hide, confuse, and conceal payments they received from foreign nationals.”
    How did Biden get away with being so squirrely for so long?
    US money-laundering regulations are practically designed to shroud crimes by American politicians.
    Federal agencies require banks to take far more precautions when handling financial transactions involving “politically exposed persons” — which includes almost all foreign politicians, their family members, friends, associates and anyone else likely to take the money and run.
    But as a 2020 federal regulatory notice declared, federal banking agencies “do not interpret the term ‘politically exposed persons’ to include U.S. public officials.”

    1. Silly Man

      Ouch. A thoroughly corrupt US President.
      The Corrupt Biden Family strikes once again.

      1. Patriot Wife

        Hit on a sour subject for me. And Joe Biden will get away with his corruption.

  7. Winston

    When stupidity raises its head, chop it off. Thank you Gen. Satterfield for stepping out in front of this dystopian mode of thinking. Our younger generation will believe just about anything. So, why not tell them the truth? Simple too much neo-Marxist propaganda that is just too attractive.


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