The Bombastic Style of Donald Trump’s Leadership

By | March 16, 2024

[March 16, 2024]  For those who study leadership, we know that style varies over circumstances and time.  Each leader has their preferred way of leading others, a method they are most comfortable with and have had past achievements using.  Donald Trump has a popular, bombastic approach to leadership.

One of my favorite military commanders I worked for in the U.S. Army gave real meaning to the bombastic concept.  He was loud, good with jokes, and had a presence about him that people noticed whenever he walked into a room.  A successful officer could put you at ease and instill confidence while making you feel you were part of his team.  The troops called him “bomber” because of his bombastic style.

Is this an out-of-character description of a bombastic leader?  I don’t think so.  Many will argue that such leaders are unsure of themselves and prone to overcompensate for lacking other key leadership traits.  Others associate bombastic leadership with a style referred to as authoritarian leadership1 or narcissism.  Scientific studies on leadership, however, don’t support these views.

Donald Trump, the current leader of the Republican Party, is the most bombastic of presidential candidates we’ve seen since Teddy Roosevelt.  Trump gives us an excellent chance to look at such leaders and see why they succeed and fail.  A common complaint, for example, is that bombastic leaders – and, by extension, Trump – are intellectually shallow, lack attention to detail, and are untrustworthy.

Our opinions of such leaders are strong; we either like them or not.  Also, bombastic leaders are often hated because of their style rather than the substance of their abilities.  My commander, like Trump, possessed several traits that helped get things done.  Here are some qualities often associated with the bombastic leadership style:

  1. Credibility: especially well-known for their successes over adversity.
  2. Intelligence: quick-witted and fast on their feet to explain complex issues.
  3. Well-honed social skills: can move easily in many social circles.
  4. A desire to take care of their people leads to more productive teams.
  5. The ability to make you feel part of the team: an essential aspect of expanding their influence.
  6. An honest disposition: talking to many people they must be open and honest.
  7. A loyal following: people genuinely love them (or conversely hate them).
  8. An intellectually diverse inner circle: thinkers who place value on mission accomplishment, creativity, and thinking “outside the box.”

The bombastic leadership style is highly successful.  Tempered with specific traits, the technique can be a winning strategy for anyone able to pull it off.


  1. Authoritarian leadership was one of the styles of leaders identified by psychologist Kurt Lewis in 1939 in his ground-breaking study. This early research was very influential and established three major leadership styles: authoritarian, democratic, or laissez-faire.


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23 thoughts on “The Bombastic Style of Donald Trump’s Leadership

    1. Maximilian Krämer

      Eddie, so wonderful to hear from you. We missed you. Thanks for all you do to help others find God and his willingness to accept all who repent. Your articles have been wonderful. I know that Gen. Satterfield is interested in finding evil and outing it so we all can see it. Whenever politicians allow evil into our nation and communities, they are abetting evil. That is what we call betrayal.

  1. ashley

    Gen. Satterfield is on target here, “Our opinions of such leaders are strong; we either like them or not. Also, bombastic leaders are often hated because of their style rather than the substance of their abilities. My commander, like Trump, possessed several traits that helped get things done.”

    1. Otto Z. Zuckermann

      Tom, yes! When I read this article back in 2020, I thought YES, it is going to be one of Gen. Satterfield’s most popular posts because it gave the best laydown of traits for a senior leader. Today, it applies profoundly. I do think there could be a small update from Gen. Satterfield since he and us now know more about both of them but, alas, there is so much space and time for Gen. S. Note that his ‘Letters to my granddaughter” is his best series yet. Go read it today. ❤

  2. Valkerie

    General Satterfield, thank you sir for today’s article. Please write one up on Joe Biden. I’d like to see your thoughts on his leadership style.

  3. Wild Bill

    #2, Intelligence: quick-witted and fast on their feet to explain complex issues.

    This is definitely Trump’s strong point and not Biden’s.

  4. The Golly Woman from EHT

    Excellent article, Gen. Satterfield on this “bombastic” style of leadership. I looked it up, nothing found. Great to have you give it a real name.

    1. Greg NH

      Come on Commie Red, write something original and with substance. Anyone can throw out an accusation. How about telling us why Trump is a fascist? Reason? You can’t. That is why you are the worst kind of troll. Come-on man! Just vote with the lemmings for Dementia patient Joe Biden, and don’t bother us with your drivel.

      1. Joe Omerrod

        Greg, please don’t feed the troll too much, he might come back.

        1. Ron C.

          Indeed, we have them in my country too, like PM Justin Trudeau. He’s a communist like Commie Red.

        2. Emma Archambeau

          Yep, but that will never work either, since these kind of folks get their thrills baiting other folks into doing something like calling them names back. This gives them credence with their comrade buddies and street creed with those who think like them. Basically, their view is that anyone who disagrees with them are mentally disturbed or is evil. On the other hand, they are the ones with a mental disorder. Don’t believe me, just go watch a crowd with leftists in it. They are dirty, and outright dumb as rocks. They spit slogans, like “Trump is a fascist” because that is all they know. Their FEELINGS drive them like a scorned woman.

          1. Lady Hawk

            PSSST, hot comment alert. Emma, you made my day. Thank you girlfriend. 💋

      2. Kerry

        Ha Ha, try something that is truthful, and your world will be much better, Commie Red.

  5. American Girl

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2024 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. False Idols

      I agree and if you want to see what the hard-core leftists want, see this article that is highlighted by Gen. Satterfield on his Daily Favorites page.
      “Top FDNY chief takes fall after The Post exposes commish declaring department will ‘hunt down’ NY AG Letitia James hecklers”
      And, NY AG Letitia James thinks it’s all about racism. Yep, her racism.

      1. Dennis Mathes

        He He He He …. as the youth say LOL 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜


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