The Information War

By | October 18, 2023

[October 16, 2023]  In any war, there is always a parallel information war.  This has been true since the beginning of time.  Given our reliance on advanced technology, we can get information quickly.  The question is how accurate is that information.  In Israel’s war with Hamas, it is overwhelmingly clear that what we see coming from Hamas is often inaccurate because information is war.

The latest example is the AP story reporting that the IDF targeted a hospital in Gaza, killing as many as 500 Palestinians.  The press jumped on this assertion (which turned out to be untrue) and spread it far and wide.  AP has since recanted.  I see here that this was a victory for Hamas in the information war.  The first narrative is often the only one of value.

The New York Times first wrote in a headline, “Israeli Strike Kills Hundreds in Hospital, Palestinians Say.”  The far-left press is quick to believe what Hamas tells them.  I will again caution Western media that any information from Hamas – a radical terrorist organization – is highly suspect and should be verified before publication.  Of course, our leftist press doesn’t care.

IDF spokesman RAdm. Daniel Hagari confirms that the Islamic Jihad is responsible for the rocket that hit the hospital in Gaza.  His comments can be seen on X/Twitter here.  Watch the video of the explosion here for yourself.  Alas, for those enthralled by the Islamic terror ideology, nothing will convince them otherwise.  Isn’t that the point?


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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28 thoughts on “The Information War

  1. Jennie Scupniki

    Way past time to totally wipe out the Palestinian culture of terror. Joe Biden, the weenie US pres, is harming this necessary and only correct goal.

    1. Wilson m

      Well said, Jennie. We need strong leaders not wimps that are corrupt, stupid, lack balls, or can’t walk up a set of stairs.

  2. Eddie Gilliam

    Good article my friend. As I read this article I asked myself the same question “what’ is truths”?
    First, truth corresponds to reality or ‘what is,’ it is real, ‘truth is also ther words, it matches its object and is known by its reference. For example, a teacher facing a class may say, “Now, the only exit to this room is on the right.”
    Truth also matches its object. It may be absolutely true that a certain person may need so many milligrams of a certain medication, but another person may need more .
    In short, truth is simply telling it like it is; it is the way things really are, and any other viewpoint is wrong.
    Pilate’s question, ‘what is truth?’ has reverberated through history.
    What Is Truth? Jesus’ Definition
    Paul said to the Ephesians, “If, indeed, you have heard Him and have been taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus” (Ephesians 4:21), Christ, as God is the personification of truth. He embodies truth. Jesus said to those Jews, who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples, indeed and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:31-32).
    Many people believe that science can reveal truth, but Kathy Sykes, a British Physicist and Professor at the University of Bristol, explains, “Science is not about truth, but is about trying to get closer to the truth. This is important, because, too often, people look to scientist as having the ‘truth.’ What we have is wrapped in uncertainties, caveats and simplifications.”
    ” When you ignore the truth, frustrations, difficulties, violence, corruption and the likes become imminent, as is our situation today. Truth brings restoration of personal and national values,
    Knowing the truth is wonderful, but is not enough! God expects us to act on the truth, as He helps us learn it. More important than knowing the truth is living the truth – walking in truth, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. You can know the truth, if you diligently and prayerfully seek for it. “Yes, if you cry out for discernment, and lift up your voice for understanding, if you seek her as silver, and search for her as for hidden treasures; then you will understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge (truth) of God. For the LORD gives wisdom; from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding,” (Proverbs 2:3-6). This is the absolute truth!

        1. Marlene Detriech

          Yes, great comment. Loving Gen. Satterfield blog more each day.

  3. Hiratio Algiers

    We have yet to see how this plays out but what we do know is that the wimpy left media will believe terrorists before a democratic nation with a professional military. Says alot about the depravity of our media.

    1. Xerces II

      Well said, Jerome, we need to stand with Israel in this case. They were on the receiving end of some of the most horrific actions in recorded history. Like Gen. Satterfield wrote yesterday, Hamas needs to be totally destroyed and the Palestinian people must unconditionally surrender. That means they must suffer first, until they relent.

      1. Shawn C. Stolarz

        Kill all Hamas members and crush those who support them. That is the only way to stop them. Prayers for Israel.

  4. Willie Strumburger

    Some good news. Much of he MIddle East does not like what Hamas has done.
    “Some of the articles likened Hamas’ attack to Hizbullah’s abduction of the Israeli soldiers in 2006, which led to the war in Lebanon that year, a war so devastating that Nasrallah himself said he was sorry he had started it. A senior Saudi journalist wrote that the world has apparently failed to learn the lesson of terror attacks like 9/11, namely that it must not accept the existence of terror organizations.”

  5. Nick Lighthouse

    The latest example is the AP story reporting that the IDF targeted a hospital in Gaza, killing as many as 500 Palestinians. The press jumped on this assertion (which turned out to be untrue) and spread it far and wide. AP has since recanted. I see here that this was a victory for Hamas in the information war. The first narrative is often the only one of value.
    We no longer have a free press. The AP is a tool of terrorism and they let themselves fulfill that role without any resistence.

  6. Commie Red

    Hamas and the Islamic faith will win out over the corrupt West. The war has just begun.

      1. Desert Cactus

        Right, troll alert, made me laugh. But his comments should be taken serious because many college students believe this. Just watch them being interviewed. A good journalist (I know that is a contradiction in terms) would ask what they base their opinions on. That way you will see all their foundation is made of nothing. Then they fold and run away crying how we are picking on them. Actions have consequences. Remember that the LGBTQ+ community supports Hamas. And what would happen if any of them went to Gaza? We all know the answer.

    1. Jerome Smith

      Please Please Please … commie red, go elsewhere. You are only embarrassing yourself and your kind.

  7. Wendy Holmes

    Keep the good info coming our way, Gen. S. 👀
    🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 ❤

    1. KenFBrown

      All good people support Israel in their time of need. All evil supports Hamas. There is no fence sitting here.

  8. Idiot Savant

    Thank you, Gen. Satterfield for the continuing information that makes more sense of what is happening and why. This fight against Hamas should be a simple one but much of the world like Turkey, Iran, NK, China, Russia, are all on the side of Hamas. And, this is a big one, our political leftists and their allies are also on the side of Hamas. Keep that in mind who you have as your friends and allies.

  9. Army Captain

    Well said, Gen. Satterfield. Those that study war understand the DIME concept. Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economic. The four ways to wage war. The best combo of all four is most likely to win. Since Hamas cannot win militarily, it must use the other three to the max.

    1. Jonny McB.

      People will not understand. And the low information idiots in the West will not believe you or us. They love Marxism, even when it comes for them and lines them up against the wall for a shot to the head.

      1. Pastor John

        Of course, ever see what goes on in public education today? All talk about your pronouns, nothing substantial or even close to reality. Pray for Israel. 🙏


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