It’s Time to Destroy the Palestinian Culture of Terrorism

By | October 17, 2023

[October 17, 2023]  When faced with an invader that propagates the atrocities we have seen in the recent Hamas incursion into Israel, the only solution is to utterly destroy their culture.  That means a massive and overwhelming force that exacts a brutal retribution upon them until they surrender unconditionally.  Ultimately, that means destroying the Palestinian culture of terrorism.

Many modern leaders say that war solves nothing.  Such thinking is based on a willful ignorance of history.  This is the kind of thinking that has led us to this point.  Israel, the UN, and the West believe that with enough beneficial opportunities, monetary aid, and political support and protection, any country or organization will redeem itself when it sees the good that comes from doing so.  We now know that as false.  Total destruction of that culture is necessary, which means all-out war.

Hamas, the terror organization that governs the Palestinians, must be eliminated brutally and all its leaders and followers killed.   The Palestinians, specifically Gazans, have a sick culture, the sickest on the planet.  There is little of value that comes from Gaza.  Their product is an ideology of Jew hatred.  That culture must be changed, so the Palestinians must want to change.  And that means destroying everything they value, starving them, crushing their cities, cutting off all outside aid, and occupying and ruling them with a strict governance.

Take Germany and Japan as examples.  Both countries were totally destroyed.  The Allies put into place two things after World War II.  First, the Allies ruled their countries briefly until they could prove they were capable.  And the occupation remained until it was believed their culture that inspired war no longer existed.  Second, there must be rooting out of their terrorist ideology, all participating parties brought to trial, and the leaders executed.

Islam is not at fault here.  Indeed, those who adhere to that religion must recognize a growing problem with those of their religious faith.  Leaders in Islam have a significant part to play by showing the world that Hamas, Hezbollah, and all terrorist organizations that Islam inspires are apostates of the religion.

America and much of the West are too intellectually and morally weak to contemplate this solution.  But it is the only solution.  Past precision military strikes did not work.  Total war is the only solution.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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40 thoughts on “It’s Time to Destroy the Palestinian Culture of Terrorism

  1. Andrew Simpson

    Dr. Jordan Peterson, so often written about here, recently called the Jews “the canary in the coal mine.” He’s right and Gen. Satterfield has nailed it with this article. I stand with Israel. I stand with civilization. I stand against Hamas and the Palestinian culture of death and terror.

  2. American Girl

    I stand with Israel as a Christian. 🇮🇱
    Nothing will change my mind.
    Pres Biden is a terrible president and making the world a more dangerous place, FACT.
    All the weirdos who support the “Palestinian People” and Hamas need to leave America and go live in Gaza. But, of course, they won’t because they are stupid and cowards.

  3. Dr. Larry Mendosa

    Super article, Gen. Satterfield. That is the only solution. Hamas exists because of the Palestinian culture of violence and terror. They must feel the wrath of extermination. No aide of any kind should ever be allowed. Not water, food,or medical supplies. Destroy them or they will be back.

  4. The Observer

    Excellent article on what needs to happen. I will add that by giving “humanitarian aide” to the Gazans, that helps them continue “resisting” then the war will drag on longer and MORE suffering will occur. Best to cut the cancer out now rather than let it fester.

    1. Doc Blackshear

      Well said, The Observer. Spot on and I’m sure that Gen. Satterfield would agree. I think that is what he was getting at anyway.

  5. Jessica X.

    Gen. Satterfield, I’m surprised you haven’t already seen more pushback on this topic. Many loonies out there that are total radicals and they don’t like their opinions or religion slammed.

  6. Dead Pool Guy

    Psst, ouch, hot topic. Thank you Gen. Satterfield for taking a moral stand against terrorism. I too stand with Israel.

  7. Eddie Gilliam

    Good article. God told several judges in the book of Judges to complete destroy the enemy and take there possession. God was not pleased with what the enemy was or doing to Israel. They held Israel in captive for years. However when Israel was disobedience,; resulted in God hand removed from protecting the Israelites. I taught lesson in Sunday school Sunday 15th October call ” backsliding people “. It’s like playing with a yoyo. Up and down, up and down. God commands must be obeyed not an option.

      1. Dog Man

        Army Vet, haven’t heard from you in a long time. Big fan here. I look forward to future articles from you.

  8. Linux Man

    When faced with an invader that propagates the atrocities we have seen in the recent Hamas incursion into Israel, the only solution is to utterly destroy their culture. That means a massive and overwhelming force that exacts a brutal retribution upon them until they surrender unconditionally. Ultimately, that means destroying the Palestinian culture of terrorism.
    I agree 100%.

    1. Eye Cat

      I think all sane folks will agree. We might not like the solution but it is the only proven solution. We’ve tried everything else. Convince me I’m wrong.

  9. Doc Blackshear

    This war is not over and no one can predict the outcome. Let us hope that those who support terrorism as a means, will all be destroyed. That includes those in America and Europe. There is no place for or argument for what Hamas has done, None.

  10. Yiddy of Macedonia

    OUCH, but true …………..
    “America and much of the West are too intellectually and morally weak to contemplate this solution. But it is the only solution. Past precision military strikes did not work. Total war is the only solution.” — Gen. Satterfield.
    If you want to stop terrorism, you have to get to the root of the problem and no one is trying to do that.

    1. Otto Z. Zuckermann

      Gen. Satterfield is getting to the solution by eliminating the root of the problem. That means supporters of Hamas and other of these Middle East terror groups must also be destroyed.

      1. Yusaf from Texas

        I agree. Most of us here in this forum, would as expected support Israel for obvious reasons. They respect human life and will do their best to prevent atrocities. Hamas and those like them, and their supporters encourage atrociteis because they say the ends justify the means. We all know that is a bag argument but it is used over and over. Oh, BTW, look at Gen. Satterfield’s Daily Favorites. He has a couple of articles that are a must read.

      2. Major Jules Mancino

        The US Whitehouse will never agree. Too much pandering to the radical left wing of the Democrat Party.

    2. JT Patterson

      Agreed, but too many mentally weak leaders in the West. I agree with Gen. Satterfield.

  11. Ron C.

    Our political leaders will be unable to separate the religion of Islam with terrorism, because they don’t want to be accused of Islamophobia. Our leaders are pure cowards. And the civilized world cannot rely upon US Pres Joe Biden. Old Joe Biden is corrupt and like corrupt leaders, he is also a coward.

  12. Bobby Joe

    Yes, and pray that the war comes to a conclusion soon with minimum Isreali casualties and maximum Hamas deaths.


  13. Willie Strumburger

    Many people will hate you for this post, but you are right. History proves it. Just ask the Romans what they did to Carthage.

    1. Veronica Stillman

      Indeed, Gen. Satterfield has the only solution that will work and history repeatedly shows this to be true. The quisling Joe Biden will only stand in the way because he is “compassionate”. Yeah, how’s that compassion doing killing Jews you say you support, Joe? Not to well.

    2. Commie Red

      The Palestinians are oppressed so it is okay to kill the Jews that caused their oppression. We Communists stand with Palestine.

      1. H. M. Longstreet

        Commie, please don’t push the tired old platitudes you know are wrong. Get with it. Never support the unprovoked murder of innocents.

      2. British Citizen

        Hi Commie, long time no hear. Glad you are reading this blog because maybe some of it will sink in. But, hey, your Commie ideology continues to collapse all around the world. There is little doubt that there is not much difference between Nazi and Islamic terror ideology. Both need to be “crushed” into oblivion. The hard part for us today is Islam. We cannot be seen as trying to eliminate the religion, just their extremists. That will be hard to do. But Commie, you have zero solutions that are based in reality. You are a dreamer. Cheers!

        1. Doug Smith

          BC, right. We tried the Communist experiment in the 20th century. How’d that work out? Over 100 million dead, not counting wars. Now, we have the same with Islam.

          1. Jonnie the Bart

            Hi Doug and BC, Commie does not even try hard to make a good argument because there is no sane argument for the atrocities.

      3. Pen Q

        Commie Red, please address Gen. Satterfield’s article directly and stop trying to gaslight us. It won’t work.


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