The UK: Race and Politics

[May 08, 2014] Race and Politics! A combination that is sure to hit all the right emotions. The United Kingdom and their politics is a rather exciting mess to read about. It has it all … race, emotion, leadership, raucousness, scandal, name-calling, and a litany of issues all intertwined with politics … electric! We in the U.S. have the same but less exciting.

I will admit right now that I know little about UK politics. But, having read a bit about it over the past few months makes me something of a rank amateur. Therefore, with that admission, I bring to everyone’s attention to Nigel Farage, the UK’s anti-EU “firebrand.” He leads what is called the anti-immigration UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Being anti-immigration, the UKIP has been labeled “racist.” No surprise here given what politics is today across Europe and America. However, what we should be paying attention to is how the senior leadership of Britain is able to deal with the charges and counter-charges and the infusion of race and politics into an already emotional debate on immigration.

We should pay close attention because, in the United States, many say we are facing similar issues. While that argument has merit, the U.S. is as different as we are similar to the UK. Nevertheless, how leadership plays a role – good and bad – is something that should be observed. Will leadership be for the good of the UK? That is something not yet written.

I recommend to all to follow UK politics for the education on how to deal with tough emotional issues. Lessons will be learned and that is often how we can become better leaders.

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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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