Mental Resilience and Leadership (Part 5)

[May 09, 2014] I have proposed the idea here that people in our modern world are experiencing less stress overall today in their lives, especially when compared to our parents, grandparents, and all those before us. Furthermore, we are less mentally resilience because of it. One not so surprising result is that people are less tolerant of others.

This has been a long recognized trend. I remember that prior to the terrorist attacks on 9-11 that the government was giving training on to how to be more tolerant. They called the classes “Consideration of Others.” It is my understanding that these may be still occuring.1 I attended one and it was very good.

We see intolerance in the workplace frequently. I recently commented on the number of political investigations in government; another indicator of intolerance. The number of lawsuits of employees against employers, in some cases, is due to intolerance of the workplace. Violence in the workplace also appears to be increasing.

“Road rage” is another indication that people are less tolerant (I’m sure it’s not the big city traffic gridlock). Crimes against persons is also increasing and they are often violent in nature, unnecessarily.

This adds up to a pattern that is hard to ignore. Intolerance is increasing. The cause may never be known for sure but I believe that we have fewer experiences in life that make us less resilient and thus more intolerant.

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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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