The United Nations: Is It Worth the Cost?

By | January 30, 2024

[January 30, 2024]  Several years ago, I wrote that the United Nations was not worth the cost because it has failed to uphold its mission: to prevent war.  I wrote my War College thesis with this very headline, and my conclusion then, as it is now, is the same.  There is no place for the UN within a civilized world.  I continue to stand by my earlier assessments of UN malfeasance.

Recent scandals include UN employees working for UNWRA actively participating in the October 7, 2023 attack and bloodthirsty killing of Israeli civilians.  And it is alleged around 1,200 Gaza employees of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees have connections to either Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad.  The Times of Israel says that Israeli intelligence suggests that some 10% of all UNRWA employees in Gaza have ties to terror organizations.

Not only has the UN failed to uphold its original mission, but it is also a bureaucratic nightmare, ruled by oligarchs and tyrants, funneling money to terrorist organizations, condemning Israel in a war that Israel did not start, and has taken up causes unrelated to what the agency was found upon.

I once asked whether the UN should be disbanded in light of its working against peace, supporting terror, delegitimatizing the West, and vast corruption in the agency.  My answer was that the UN should be reformed and not removed.  I’m beginning to rethink my opinion; disbanding might be more beneficial.

Reform or keep the UN?  Is it worth the cost?  These are questions that senior leaders in America and the West must address publicly.  My guess is that under President Biden, nothing will change, and his weak leadership will beckon poorly for us.

My recommendation is that the United States immediately shut down the UN in New York City and force them to relocate anywhere else.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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26 thoughts on “The United Nations: Is It Worth the Cost?

  1. Harold M. Smith II

    Einat Wilf: Without UNRWA there would be no Hamas — it must be dismantled
    This is the only true path to peace
    Good article to read.
    That UNRWA has created the ideal conditions for murderous terrorist groups to emerge, from Black September, which carried out the gruesome slaughter of Israeli Athletes in the 1972 Munich Olympics, to Hamas, is not a bug in the operating system, but a feature.

  2. Bernie

    These UN guys and gals are WORTHLESS. Less than worthless, they are harmful of the West and we are funding them with taxpayer money.

  3. Eddie Gilliam

    Rethinking how to the United Nation does business is an awesome ideal.

  4. Harold M. Smith II

    I think that most of us would agree that the UN is not worth the money spent. But the reason we have it still in NYC is so that we can closely monitor their communications and we know what they are going to do before they know what they are going to do. Plus, it gives us time to intervene before something truly stupid and harmful arises. Just me thinking here.

  5. Pen Q

    Worthless, or in reality less than worthless, the UN is harmful. Throw their butts out of America and let them go to some slum in Pakistan.

  6. American Girl

    Gen. Satterfield sure knows his business. And this idea of kicking the UN out of the US is an old idea that was publically raised by Trump during his presidency. I loved it when he withheld millions from that overgrown bureaucracy. Love it Loved it then and now. America at its best. 🇺🇸

  7. Max Foster

    This article can be summed up by two sentences at the end by Gen. S. He notes that we are not in a good place because of the current Admin policies of the US government. Under Biden, things are mucked up beyond repair. Here is what he said.
    “Reform or keep the UN? Is it worth the cost? These are questions that senior leaders in America and the West must address publicly. My guess is that under President Biden, nothing will change, and his weak leadership will beckon poorly for us.” — Gen. Satterfield.
    Pay close attention to this. Biden is part of the problem even if Gen. Satterfield doesn’t say it out loud, he surely beleives it.

  8. Frontier Man

    Love this leadership website and this forum is great too and I get a laugh now and again.

    1. docwatson

      Yes, but not so easy to keep up sometimes. The comments here are most often on target. But sometimes they are just plain worthless. Everybody, if you want to make an intelligent statement, then read more of what Gen. Satterfield has written, form an original thought and tell us how that applies to current events. Like to the Israel war against terror group Hamas. Thanks for letting me rant a bit.

  9. Winston

    OW, The Times of Israel says that Israeli intelligence suggests that some 10% of all UNRWA employees in Gaza have ties to terror organizations. — Gen. Doug Satterfield

    1. Army Captain

      This is what I’ve also been talking about among my Army buddies. I was stationed in Afghanistan and the UN force made a mockery of our ability to go after insurgents and terrorists (thanks Gen. Satterfield for explaining the difference to us), and having Rules of Engagement that favored the enemy. If you want to win a war, any war, then you have to make the population suffer (and many ways to make that happen without killing them all) and suffer alot before they decide they’ve had enough and will surrender totally, not partially. Same for Israel destroying Hamas. They have to make Gazans want to get rid of Hamas. The first step is to cut off all outside aid, and cut electricity and water. Then they will give up within a month and it will all be over.

      1. Jonnie the Bart

        Well said, Army Captian. But no one in the West has the will to win.

  10. ashley

    Well said, Gen. Satterfield. I’ve been thinking the same thing. Kick the UN out of America.

  11. Kenny Foster

    Short answer, Yes, but with more oversight, reduction of tyrannical regimes controlling its apparatuses, eliminating corruption, and getting rid of the small countries using it as an outlet to attack their foes. And then moving the UN somewhere else like Somalia. Yeah, that’ll work well because all the lazy bureaucrats will not want to live there. Only the dedicated will do it.

    1. Dog Man

      I’m not so sure. The entire organization needs to be dismantled and a new, better version created from scratch. Just like the FBI (thanks “Jelly” Bryce) and other DOJ organizations that are attacking good Americans just for speaking out against the newest leftist progressive neo-Marxist ideologies of the day.

      1. Melo in Chicgo

        🇺🇸 America First! 🇺🇸
        Trump has it right.
        Biden says America last.
        It is clear who deserves to be president.
        Trump 2024


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