Things Your Mother Said to You

By | June 22, 2023

[June 22, 2023]  A couple of weeks ago, a friend was reminiscing about his childhood.  We were back and forth trading some of the things we heard as youngins.  Mom always came up with the right question or advice at the right moment.  Here are a few of those I remembered.  I found them entertaining.  There are not 100, but I’ll ask readers to add enough to reach that century mark.  Thanks in advice for your help. Here are some things your mother said to you growing up.

  1. You’ll put your eye out.
  2. This family eats together at the kitchen table.
  3. Play outside with your friends.
  4. Do as you’re told because I’m your mother.
  5. Bedtime is 9 o’clock.
  6. Have good manners at the table.
  7. Where were you born, in a barn?
  8. Do your chores.
  9. Please do not interrupt me.
  10. I’m not your friend; I’m your mother.
  11. You do not get everything you want.
  12. Wash your hands.
  13. Respect older adults.
  14. Clean up your room.
  15. I’ll wash your mouth out with soap.
  16. Do your homework.
  17. Mow the yard.
  18. Take out the trash.
  19. Don’t you lie to me!
  20. Don’t go far from home.
  21. Don’t hit your brother.
  22. Don’t scare your brother.
  23. Did you say your prayers?
  24. You may not have any candy.
  25. Wash your hands. What color was the soap?
  26. Don’t get your clothes dirty.
  27. Say please and thank you.
  28. Oh, we’re going to church alright.
  29. Clean up your dog’s mess.
  30. I love you.
  31. Take a bath right now.
  32. Don’t be stupid.
  33. Get in here, right now!
  34. Put that frog down.
  35. No, you may not wear those lizards as earrings.
  36. Horny Toads are not allowed in the house.
  37. Yeah, that looks like poison ivy to me.
  38. Put a band aide on it.
  39. Here, fold your clothes.
  40. I told you not to throw dirt clods at that wasps’ nest.
  41. Put down that BB gun.
  42. What’s the first rule of hunting?
  43. Here’s how to put your worm on your hook.
  44. Never pick up a snake.
  45. Have fun but don’t get your clothes dirty.
  46. Your bicycle has a flat; fix it.
  47. No talking on the school bus.
  48. Eat your food; there are kids in China starving.
  49. I’m going to whoop your behind from here to heaven.
  50. Just wait until your dad gets home.
  51. You did what?
  52. Why did you put salt on your watermelon?
  53. Dearly me, I nearly died and went to heaven.
  54. Sometimes I wonder where you came from.
  55. Put your shoes and shirt on.
  56. How did you get that dirty.?
  57. Look, the cat had kittens under the bed.
  58. You’re going to run out of gas.
  59. You don’t get to choose to go to school.
  60. Where’d you get that puppy?
  61. Come hell or high water; you’re getting in that bathtub.
  62. No, you may not sleep over at your friend’s house tonight.
  63. Eat your vegetables.
  64. Get your lazy butt out of bed now!
  65. Pick up your clothes.
  66. No, you may not use the phone.
  67. Who is this Betty Sue?
  68. Why in the world would you do something so stupid?
  69. Air conditioning is for grocery stores.
  70. It’s not my job to keep up where you put your stuff.
  71. Where did you learn your manners? Get your elbows off the table.
  72. The ceiling is leaking rainwater; get me a pot from the kitchen.
  73. Don’t play in the road.
  74. My, my, where did you find all that dirt?
  75. Zip up your pants; something’s showing.
  76. Eat your vegetables.
  77. Stop making excuses.
  78. I’ll give you permission to speak when I’m done.
  79. I am your mother!
  80. I love you, dearly

Here are a few things she never said.

  1. Don’t bother me.
  2. Get out of my hair.
  3. I love your brother more.

And that is all for now.


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19 thoughts on “Things Your Mother Said to You

  1. The Northeast

    Entirely too funny. Brings back a lot of memories. Those who responded gave a lot of good stuff to think about too. I was a kid like those here and probably too much a goodie two shoes for my own development. But my mom and dad was great getting me past all the stupidity of my younger years. Too bad woke parents are pandering to their kid’s desires and those desires may be absolutely bad for them. Parents want to be their kid’s friends…. wrong. That will never work. And they want to pander to woke ideology and that will fail horribly.

  2. Jasmine

    – You’ll live
    – If you want to act like a child, I’ll treat you like one
    – Talking to you is like talking to a brick wall
    – I’m not asking, I’m telling
    – If you had a brain, you’d be dangerous
    – I wasn’t born yesterday
    I’m just loving Gen. Satterfield’s website.

  3. Erleldech

    FUNNY too. Old memories are stirring in the back of my brain.
    My favorite from my childhood was “You brought this on yourself”.

  4. Max Foster

    Here is what I think. Sayings are like memories. They are passed down through generations. They are little snippets of wisdom… small mantras that mean a lot. Some are used to reprimand, some are sarcastic questions and some are meant as encouragements. Growing up, you would often hear these phrases being uttered by your parents. Then, one day, you find that you’re using them yourself…perhaps on your own children.

  5. Wild Bill

    Back in my day…
    Money doesn’t grow on trees!\
    As long as you’re under my roof, you live by my rules.

      1. corralesdon

        Made me laugh …. 😎😁👀✔😜😀😉😊😍

  6. Emma Archambeau

    Man, just making the list longer. Great advice from MOM.

  7. British Citizen

    1. Because I said so.
    2. Just you wait and see.
    3. Ask your dad.
    4. No dessert until you eat your dinner.
    5. If someone asked you to jump off a cliff, would you?
    … many more where that came from. Cheers!

    1. Nick Lighthouse

      6. I told you a thousand times.
      7. Don’t sit so close to the tv.
      8. There’s no such word as can’t.

  8. Bryan Z. Lee

    Wonderful Gen. Satterfield is sparking some long-faded memories about my mother. All good.

  9. Darwin Lippe

    This list surely brings back great memories of my mom.

    1. Bernie

      Right, Darwin. I enjoyed reading this. I’ll give it some time before I can add something.


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