U.S. Policy on Ukraine War Shifts

By | February 24, 2023

[February 24, 2023]  In an unexpected turn, U.S. President Joe Biden visited the capital Kyiv, Ukraine, to meet with Volodymyr Zelenskyy to reaffirm the U.S-Ukraine relationship and to promise additional aid.  Before this meeting, U.S. Vice President Harris declared that Russia has “committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine.”  These declarations represent a significant shift in U.S. policy on the Ukraine War.

This visit comes just before Russia is expected to begin its renewed ground offensive in eastern Ukraine.  And today is the first anniversary when Russia invaded Ukraine.  While the hard fight is yet to start, we haven’t seen what a true bloodbath is like up to this point.

The United States, by accusing Russia of crimes against humanity, is communicating to the world that America’s relationship with Russia is over.  These terms may be overused today, but using this terminology has specific ramifications that will echo throughout all nations.  The U.S. has chosen to choose sides in a very public way.  This is unusual for President Biden, who typically likes to hedge his bets and straddle the fence on nearly every foreign policy question.  The question for America, is this in our best interests?

Yet, America has decided abruptly that this fight in Ukraine is over for the current Russian government, specifically to Russian President Putin.  There is no middle ground.  There will be no armistice or truce or equality of status.  There will be no diplomatic solution.  This is a full-fledged war where Russia loses.

We’ve known since at least April of last year that Russia had set up and run over 70 torture camps inside the occupied territories of Ukraine.  And these are the ones we know about.  This war is going to get a lot uglier before it gets better.  Putin now knows this is an existential fight for Russia and, yes, for himself.  Either he succeeds in the war, or his life and for Russia is over.

China is now considering giving Russia lethal aid.  In parallel with this new policy of China, U.S. relations with China are in freefall.  There are some indications that the Chinese are having a breakdown in their governmental decision-making processes, which may have led to this new highly pro-Russian policy.  Jumping on the Putin train is not intelligent for China or any nation.

If China does supply Russia with lethal aid, this will mean U.S. financial sanctions against China.  These financial sanctions could and probably will negatively impact oil, food, fertilizer, raw materials, and Western markets, the same source China needs to survive.  The U.S. is by far the single largest customer of China.

A reordering of global trade is about to happen.  What the outcome will be is unknown, but it will be one of the most significant worldwide happenings this century.


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22 thoughts on “U.S. Policy on Ukraine War Shifts

  1. Pumpkin Spice

    The issue here is that the White House (the ‘smart’ people who are there) have no idea that what they said is any change at all. The reason? They are always in campaign mode and lying is just an everyday expected affair. In foreign relations, lying doesn’t get you very far.

    1. Darwin Lippe

      Who does it hurt? Only the peoples of Ukraine and the US.

  2. Forrest Gump

    U.S. relations with China are in freefall. Ya think! Let’s just not do anything else stupid.

  3. Willie Strumburger

    Yet, America has decided abruptly that this fight in Ukraine is over for the current Russian government, specifically to Russian President Putin. Pres Biden has committed the US to war with Russia and Russian Pres Putin knows it. What will happen next? We know that Russia has withdrawn from the START treaty’s reduction of nuclear arms. Exactly what that means is not yet known but it is nevertheless important. My prediction, Russia will fight to the end. They cannot do anything else.

    1. Army Captain

      Putin pulling out of nuclear treaty “a trick to increase pressure,” Lithuanian prime minister says.

    2. USA Patriot II

      Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė said on Wednesday that Russia suspending its participation in the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty is Moscow’s “trick to increase pressure.” “It’s in Putin’s habit to use tricks like that, you know, to increase pressure. And there is no big surprise in this,” the prime minister told CNN’s Isa Soares in an interview.

  4. Fred Weber

    Former Russian president and Deputy Chair of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said Russia will “disappear” if it loses the war in Ukraine. Wow. This is no small comment.

    1. Scotty Bush

      US President Joe Biden met with leaders of the eastern flank of NATO on Wednesday, praising the so-called Bucharest Nine and saying democracy and freedom are at stake in helping Ukraine defend itself against Russia.
      “You’re the front lines of our collective defense, and you know better than anyone what’s at stake in this conflict. Not just for Ukraine but for the freedom of democracies throughout Europe, and around the world,” Biden said at the top of the meeting.
      “Article 5 is a sacred commitment the United States has made. We will defend literally every inch of NATO, every inch of NATO,” he added.

      1. Ron C.

        Joe Biden has no idea where he even is standing. Reading this statement, makes me wonder who is really in charge of the United States.

  5. Desert Cactus

    Scary prediction from Gen. Satterfield.
    “A reordering of global trade is about to happen. What the outcome will be is unknown, but it will be one of the most significant worldwide happenings this century.”

    1. British Citizen

      Now. Let’s make sure there is a followup on this. What will be the global impacts? Good people want to know. The problem is that it is unpredictable.

  6. Yusaf from Texas

    Good article that made me think. Oh, I just got your book “55 Rules for a Good Life” in the mail and up to Chapter 13 already. Love it.

  7. Chuck USA

    Thanks Gen. Satterfield for a strategic update on Ukraine. We all seem to want the most recent tactical updates, but strategy matters and it matters a great deal. Just read what the great generals of the past wrote. It went something like this, “My attacks will tell you my tactics, but my strategy is known only unto me.”

    1. JT Patterson

      YES! That is certainly what the Biden White House wants us to do. The reason is that our entire foreign policy under Biden is totally incompetent and a bunch of ad hoc policies wrapped in bailing wire. Now that works, snarc.

      1. mainer

        Weird and unexpected talk from the White House. Do they actually know what their words mean? I don’t think so.

        1. H. M. Longstreet

          They have no idea. Don’t give them the credit they do not deserve.


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