South Park and Meghan Markle

By | February 23, 2023

[February 23, 2023]   I couldn’t pass this bit of humor up.  Poor Meghan Markle.  Duchess of Sussex, a British royal family member, television star, rich and famous and privileged, is said to have refused to watch an episode of South Park that mocked her and her husband.  We are told she is “upset and overwhelmed” about how she was portrayed.  Will this give her more fodder to claim that she is a misogyny victim?

In the animated comedy, the “fictional” couple beg for privacy while drawing attention to themselves, including one scene where they go on the talk show “Good Morning Canada” to promote the prince’s new book, “Waaagh” — a comic riff on Prince Harry’s real-life memoir, “Spare.”  They walk into their talk show appearance holding signs demanding privacy before discussing the autobiography.

Comedy Central aired the episode titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour” mocking Meghan Markle, 41, and Prince Harry, 38, and their decision to move to the U.S. to seek a private life.  Watch a snippet here in a NY Post article (scroll down to a Chris Rose Twitter post).  Spoiler alert, the episode does not name the couple, but the characters look and act like the royals.  Oh, how cheeky!

Rather than laughing it off, the couple has engaged a legal team to review the episode.  Don’t they get the joke?  Apparently, they do get the joke and don’t like the implications.

You can’t make this up.  That is Victimhood at its finest.  Or, maybe, this is the logical end of its ideological point.


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28 thoughts on “South Park and Meghan Markle

  1. Idiot Savant

    👑 Harry should think about his “wife” and understand that she is a full-on narcissist. She needs a foil and 👑 Harry is it.

  2. JT Patterson

    Meghan Markle vs Jane Fonda. Now that would be a catfight to watch. Dumb and dumber.

  3. Janna Faulkner

    You can only laugh at Meghan Markle so much without your ribs hurting. But her “husband”, the wimp, is only something to pity. He is surely pussy whipped by that narcissist girl he married.

  4. Bobby The "R"

    Her last SHOE on Deals or…..she took off wit the $1,000,000 case.
    Still chained to her wrist.
    Wants to die a millionaire.
    Thinks there is $ 1 mil in cash in there.
    Y’all know she had a bit part in Pulp Fiction?

    1. Robo Cop II

      Bobby, you got that, man. Meghan can’t stand being made fun of. Privileged to her core. But wants to be the “victim” because it gives her moral creed. Funny how that works.

      1. The Observer

        Do not expect anything of value from that woman or her “husband” at all.

  5. Bob O'Reilly

    The truth is so much funnier than reality.

    Please clap to my great comment.

    No G…D…, I do want want da clap.

    Did ya like da song bout me?

    1. Maureen S. Sullivan

      But she is “small minded” and a few other adjectives I’m sure would upset her and her lacky husband.

      1. Silly Man

        One of Gen. Satterfield’s best summaries of a minor situation blown up into something bigger than it should be considering all the problems the world faces, esp. in Ukraine.

  6. Bryan Z. Lee

    “Victimhood at its finest.” – General Satterfield. He he he he he …. oh sorry, she she she she

    1. Pen Q

      Good one Bryan. Hard to make this up. Comedy Central really nailed this humor. And all done with classic satire. And now the privileged couple is considering legal action, or maybe not. Either way, their reaction has made them look even smaller in the eyes of everyone; exactly the opposite of what they intended.

  7. Doc Blackshear

    Laugh it off Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Laugh it off. Otherwise you are PRUDES.

  8. Dog Man

    The most recent episode of “South Park,” titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour” and released on February 15, focuses on the fictional “Prince of Canada” and his wife who, following the death of the country’s queen, relocate to the show’s titular Colorado town to avoid media attention. The characters were clearly modeled after Markle and Harry; the episode lampoons the former prince’s memoir “Spare,” as well as other projects the royal couple has released since their high-profile 2020 “Megxit” from the United Kingdom.

  9. Qassim

    “The Worldwide Privacy Tour” following the prince of Canada and his wife as they supposedly seek privacy and seclusion, while in reality going into the public eye to promote the prince’s memoir. Bless them royals.

  10. Emma Archambeau

    I just couldn’t stop laughing at the South Park episode on “no self-reflection” Markle the spoiled brat of America.

    1. Jasmine

      You go girl. Meghan Markle is the most privileged, most spoiled women in public life yet she considers herself to be a victim in the extremis. No wonder we make fun of her and she cannot see herself for what she is and always has been, a snake oil salesman (eek, saleswoman) of victimhood. Waaaah.

    1. Dead Pool Guy

      Expect more from Gen. S and get more. This is the best leadership website there is, bar none. Read it daily and laugh and cry and learn some things darn important.

      1. Rowen Tabernackle

        Right on!!!!!!!! Did the hippies once say that. I know, I was one until I saw the light.

    2. Wild Bill

      Their legal team are casting an eye over the episode to see what is wrong, and what could be turned into something more sinister. This appears to be their course of action rather than laughing it off, enjoying the moment and showing the world that they get the joke.


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