Why Bother Learning from the Bible?

By | December 29, 2022

[December 29, 2022]  Now, that is a good question.  Why bother learning from any ancient book?  The Bible, in particular, is one of those books – actually a combination of books – that has lasted longer than any civilization.  Looking back at human history, we could say that the Bible is more powerful than any country or kingdom, which is exciting and deserving of comment.

It is a mystery why the Bible – or any ancient religious books – has lasted this long.  That is something we should not dismiss, for the answer can tell us about ourselves.  Let’s first begin with something of a bit of background.  We really don’t know how the Bible came about or how it was put together.  We don’t know who put it together.  And we don’t know why it has such an impact on civilization.  We don’t know why people believed the Bible or why we don’t believe in it now.

There is one thing I think is vital to admit right up front about learning from this ancient book, the Bible.  None of us know enough nor have the right educational or faith orientation to discuss the Bible thoroughly.  It is a canon of formal education that we can learn about something if we talk about it.  That is something I’ve been trying to do now for many years.

Atheism.  Simple-minded atheism regards Biblical stories as nothing but base superstitions.  But that view is very uninformed because whatever these stories are, they are certainly not superstitions that were conjured up by some cabal of priests who deceived the masses (although that was done at times).  It’s more complicated than that.

An ancient lineage within the Bible is tied together with all sorts of other stories that bring forth wisdom.  Consider this the birthplace of complex philosophical ideas.  This means we have to struggle with these stories intellectually.  They have both a purely religious and faith-based meaning and a social-practical one.

I’ve always believed that people should learn more about their culture and the civilization where they exist and that it has taken a lot of work to put it together.  The intertwining of massive, complex organizational structures is almost beyond comprehension and messing with those internal workings is a quick path to ruin.

I once told a friend I saw the Bible as the most significant sociological text ever written.  It contains more about what makes us human, our failures, weaknesses, resilience, and hope than anything ever written.  But it seems like modern-day people are ignoring it, leaving lessons of humanness in the dirt.  That, I believe, is a big mistake because we are rejecting wisdom, and wisdom is there to keep us from running into walls.

The Bible is there because the information it contains is unbelievably helpful.  It sets forth the human ideal.  Our moral obligation is to create a social or sacred contract with other people, and the Bible helps us do so, keeping us organized.

There is a consistent emphasis in the text of the Bible that is worth understanding, and that is if you maintain your contract (honesty, trust, truth, etc.), then you have the best possibility of making it through the catastrophes of life.  And that is no naïve way of thinking.

Our social contract is to up to tragedy, evil, chaos, and catastrophe and prevail.  This is your best bet; not a guarantee you will prevail but that which gives us all the most likely way to attain the noblest of aims.  There is no better option.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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35 thoughts on “Why Bother Learning from the Bible?

  1. Mother Picasso

    As The General often writes, “It’s a no brainer.” Get a copy of the Bible, you can find copies for FREE, even those large enough that an old perp like me can read it without reading glasses. If you can’t find one, then you were never successful as a child in the game of hide and seek. Just call a friend and they will help you out. The bottom line, there is no excuse for not having one. Even a dumbbell can figure it out. Read the darn thing and you will be better for it.

  2. Armywife

    When I was in high school I took a one year course entitled Bible as Literature. It was by far one of the best courses I had the pleasure of taking!

    1. Da Man

      You were one of the last fortunate ones to take such courses. Today they are banned outright because of woke ideology that has infiltrated our schools. It’s the kids that are missing out.

  3. Randy Goodman

    The Old Testament contains the central doctrines of our faith. It shows God as the Creator of all things in Genesis 1:1-2:3. Here we witness God’s providence. The Ten Commandments refer to the morality we Christians need to live by. It discusses the redemption of man from wickedness. The teachings of the Prophets show us how to put faith into action. Therefore, it should come as no shock to readers of this blog that Gen. Satterfield is advising us (strongly advising) to read and learn from the Bible. This book, a collection of great stories, is the single point that we can learn to grow and be better peoples. This is an important point too many overlook.

  4. Ayn Jālūt

    Here you get the story of creation. You also read about the Ten Commandments which set the standard for universal human rights. This is just a beginning for you, the sovereign individual.

  5. Emma Archambeau

    If you think the world is hard to understand and are concerned, then learning from the Bible is a great starting place.

  6. Roger Yellowmule

    Where else can we learn more about being a good human than the BIBLE? That is the answer but it is more than just reading the Bible but trying to understand it too.

  7. Max Foster

    “Why bother learning from any ancient book? The Bible, in particular, is one of those books – actually a combination of books – that has lasted longer than any civilization. Looking back at human history, we could say that the Bible is more powerful than any country or kingdom, which is exciting and deserving of comment.” ….. and we wonder why the BOOK is so powerful and long lasting. It should be no surprise. For those who believe the Bible is just a collection of superstitions, then I pity you because you are not a thinker and are probably suffering endlessly and needlessly.

    1. Liz at Home

      Well said, Max. Our “modern” citizens are actually falling into tribalism of the past that most humans figured out was only a way of destruction. Growth thru realizing that the sovereign individual is the way out of hell.

  8. Rowen Tabernackle

    Great article. Gen. Satterfield, if you could elaborate on this a bit more, I’d appreciate it.

    1. Harold M. Smith II

      The Bible changed my life. And it can change your life too. But I will tell you right up front that it means more than a literal interpretation, it is much much more. ❤

  9. Silly Man

    What I like about this article by Gen. S. is that it tells us why the Bible is so instructive and useful. It gives harsh but necessary lessons because the world is tough. Remember Gen. S’s book, RULE 2: Get used to cold showers; life is tough. Yup!

  10. Adolf Menschner

    “There is a consistent emphasis in the text of the Bible that is worth understanding, and that is if you maintain your contract (honesty, trust, truth, etc.), then you have the best possibility of making it through the catastrophes of life. And that is no naïve way of thinking.” ** General Doug Satterfield, the author of two books and https://www.theleadermaker.com. You can’t get better than that.

    1. Fred Weber

      Yes, Adolf, like you I’m a huge fan. But we also have an obligation to add to the intellectual part of Gen. Satterfield’s articles and to improve the understanding of these tenets for those who struggle with it.

  11. Steve Dade

    Hey folks, the end of the year is approaching fast. I recommend Gen. Satterfield’s new book “55 Rules for a Good Life” and you will find it the best book you’ve ever read……. ha ha, other than the Bible.

  12. Laughing Monkey

    Nothing better than the Bible. I don’t recommend a straight reading but using another resource that will help you gain a fuller understanding of the meaning of each verse and how they connect to one another and how each book connects to each other book. There are a number of websites out there that do this very well. Bible Hub is one of them.

  13. Dennis Mathes

    Wow, nicely argued. The best sociological text ever written. Got it right. Thanks.

      1. JT Patterson

        Right! Yusaf. You and I have been on this leadership website for almost the entire time of its existence and this is one of the generals best articles. Learn from the Bible, It is a source of wisdom that cannot be overlooked whatsoever. Do so today. It’s never too late to start. Wisdom begins today.

        1. Dern McCabe

          What I like most about the Bible is that it tells stories that are similar to the way we are and teaches us hard lessons that require us to develop our character.

          1. Rwanda X.

            If you want to read more about what the General thinks, read “55 Rules for a Good Life “ == best book ever and by General satterfield.

        2. Commie Red

          Me too and even as a dedicated atheist, I do appreciate the ancient stories of the Bible.

          1. Frankie Boy

            Good! If you can’t then that means your ideology trumps common sense.

      2. British Citizen

        As always and exactly why I read his blog every single day. Cheers.


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