Why Women are Dumb: Pearl Davis

By | September 6, 2023

[September 6, 2023]  It’s hard to make this up.  Social media content creator Pearl Davis has been giving us some great ideas about how women function from a woman’s point of view.  She is interesting and funny and has also taken a lot of heat from feminists who think she is anti-woman.  I disagree with the anti-woman description of Pearl.  The title of my article is also the title of a video she did earlier this month (link here), “Women are Dumb.”

Pearl begins with a whiteboard titled “Why Women are Dumb.”  I’m not sure if this is a statement or a question.  She does say that she thinks that women are dumber than men.  When women have a problem, they get emotional, while the men can think.

Pearl believes that society is telling women they are more important and special than they are.  Therefore, we women think they’re better than the average man.  She explains that our society has all these fake jobs and institutions to make women feel better about themselves.

She begins the presentation with the statement that since women are so smart and women can do everything a man can do, where is the female Elon Musk?  Where is the female Bill Gates?  If women were so smart, this would have come up.  It seems like every woman they’ve propped up in history as a top-earning woman; it comes out later that there was a man behind her.  Rhetorically, Pearl asks, “Is there anything women can be great at without the guidance of a man?

Pearl thinks that women’s emotions are just too distracting.  Women think with emotions first.  Men think with logic first.

She gives the example of schools and colleges giving preferences to women.  Plus, the world is typically nicer to women than to men.  , she mentions that the job market today is actively discriminating against men, and at the same time, women are given special treatment.  This is why men tend to gravitate to the jobs women will not do, which are more physically demanding and hard to do.  These jobs are also higher paying and often require less formal education.

Pearl asks what conclusion can be made from this.  Women are dumber than men because women allow their emotions to get in their way.  For example, after 100 years of freedom for women, what do we have to show for it?  Kim Kardashian.  Also, Pearl asks who is more likely to kill a child and the elderly; the answer is women.

Pearl’s conclusion.  Women are dumber than men.  And that is okay.  It’s not as big a deal as that women should whine or cry about it.  The problem is female narcissism, where they think they are more special than they are, more important than they are, and smarter than they are.

Pearl’s fanbase is large.  I recommend her social media.  She’s got a lot of common sense.


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24 thoughts on “Why Women are Dumb: Pearl Davis

  1. Eddie Gilliam

    God saw that man was lonely. So God made Adam a help mate from his ribs. It’s amazing the ribs not the heart,stomach,intestine (front parts), the lungs. Kidneys; spine (the back part). So what I’m saying is they not in front or behind us(?men). Help mate share ideas with you; help you lead the family and business. We men think one way but with women different views can make logical choices for the whole. Saying women have no right to vote is like saying they have no right to have a voice that can make a difference. What would the world be if all the women stayed home and not get involved in decisions. Or better yet what would it be if all the men stayed in not get involved. 🤔

  2. Melissa Jackson

    Pearl is funny, witty, positive, and smart. The leftists of the world hate that. When she says that women are dumb, it is a bit of a way to get those same liberal, leftists women to go crazy. And, I love that…………….

    1. mainer

      Don’t we all just love Pearl? If not, then get your head screwed on right. 👀

  3. Dennis Mathes

    I just love Pearl. I’m sure she is taking HATE from the radical leftist who don’t like anyone who says we can be free and responsible and tell the truth.

  4. Lady Hawk

    A lot of us women just might take this article as insulting but far from it. Pearl takes us on a ride of logic that is, well, pretty good. She is hard on women as she should be. We are given everything and yet provide little to no benefit to men. This is the heart of her argument, I think.

    1. Bride from OK

      New here in the comments section but I couldn’t help but comment on Lady Hawks message. I agree with her and with Pearl. I also found Pearl on YouTube and now I’m enjoying her straight talking more each video.

  5. McStompie

    I wasn’t on yesterday, Wifi failure in my house, but now I see why so many folks were writing me about this article. I’m sure that Pearl gets a lot of hate email from feminists because she attacks the core of their idiot beliefs. You go for it, Pearl.

  6. Peigin

    I’m not sure that it is women’s emotions that are keeping women from achieving great things but that it is a major factor. The main reason women today are unable to achieve the things they want is that they want everything given to them for free and without consequences. That is not the real world. Want to see how many women see the world? Go see the recent Barbie movie. There you go, perfect pink blindness.

  7. Darwin Lippe

    Dont ya just love Pearl Davis. I wish more women were like her. I developed a better appreciation of women. If only more were like this young lady, America would be better off. As a man, I certainly will have nothing to do with any woman over the age of about 25 becuase they are just too slutty.

  8. Max Foster

    I’m not yet sure if I agree or not, but Pearl has several great points to think on. I applaud her bravery to step outside the woke feminist agenda and offer a counter argument with some real teeth in it. Pearl Davis is my kind of woman. I only wish I was younger. I’m also happy she is not brainwashed by the blue pilled hoe girls that are everywhere. Men will want to Chad them all day long but never marry one or they will regret it. Women with high body counts are the same women who are trying to hate on Pearl. Let me just say those 304s are not making a dent with their hate.

    1. Doc Blackshear

      I like everything she says. I went on YouTube to find her videos and found them a breath of fresh air. It is more than an alternative narrative to woke culture, but a push back to traditionalism that has worked for thousands of years. The past works, the new stuff of women being hoes, is not going to work out.

  9. Janice Williamson

    Finally, a mature women telling things like they are instead of falling in line with the #metoo movement, feminism, or today’s wokeism.

    1. Janna Faulkner

      Feminism has destroyed the women who have listened to it and followed the path that women and men are exactly the same and the only thing holding women back are machoistic men. WRONG. Feminism has morphed into a narcissist producing ideology with the destruction of the family at its heart and its working well because women today are weak, misguided, and …… drum roll …. dumb.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      Emma, thanks for the support you are giving to Pearl but a lot of woke women are really out to get her because she is smashing thier world view that they are the same as men and can whore around without consequences. Their past is catching up to them and they are afraid and lashing out.


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