Common Sense Women

By | April 12, 2023

[April 12, 2023]  In 1776, Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” pamphlet took colonial America by storm and critically argued for declaring independence from England.  In 2023, we see common sense women storming onto the scene, convincing us that feminism is destroying both women and men.

Earlier this year, I highlighted Jedediah Bila, a video podcaster and a real tiger of a woman.  She’s highly entertaining, and her shows are fast-paced, engaging, and laser-focused on the trouble women create for themselves, their friends, dates, and men.  Her premise, in my words, is to expose the hypocrisy of a culture that lies to women and that women accept those lies with open arms.

Thanks to several contributors to my leadership forum, I’ve been made aware of more women like Jedediah Bila, pro-life advocate Kristan Hawkins, and Candace Owens.

Here are a few young, articulate, common sense women (linked here on YouTube) who have video podcasts that I liked and are worth viewing:

Each has a multi-level social media presence.  Visit them on each and make comments.  Let them know you are a big fan.  Enjoy!


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15 thoughts on “Common Sense Women

  1. Otto Z. Zuckermann

    I just spent a few minutes listening to a few of these women. Of course, I knew of Candace Owens and now, I more informed on what regular women are doing.

    1. Bernie

      Smart, pretty, young, high energy, thoughtful.

  2. JT Patterson

    Great work on today’s article. Very informative. I will take me a few days to go thru this list but I’m sure it will be worth it.

  3. Lynn Pitts

    Gen. Satterfield, thank you for giving us some of these common-sense women. There are, of course, many more who just do what they need to do in holding their family together, ensuring peace and kindness in their families, and not putting up with the transgender, radical marxist agenda pushed by leftist, radical politicians.

    1. Kerry

      YES! Thanks Lynn for pointing out exactly what I was thinking. We need more women to stand up beside men to help win back those basic values that make the West so successful, like family, telling the truth, adopting responsibility, Christianity (strong religous affiliation), etc. If you want to make the world a better place, do not fall for the radical leftist easy, oversimplified version of the world. If you do fall for it, you will regret that decision for the rest of your life.

      1. Liz at Home

        Right Kerry, we women are on it. And we are moving in such a fashion that everyone is part of this big tent of traditional values.

        1. Pooch T.

          Hi Jelly, hope you are well. When you can, please write more on the failure of our FBI (Face Book Infidels). ha ha. Well, you know what I mean.

  4. Janice Williamson

    Are women finally helping our society? Let’s hope so.

  5. HAL

    Good, about time that women step up to be counted in this civil war in the West.

    1. Nick Lighthouse

      Read more on how to win this cultural civil war by reading Gen. Satterfield’s 55 Rules for a Good Life. That will put you on the right track. No need to figure out “stuff” for yourself, find it here. And good luck to these young (and beautiful) women whom Gen. Satterfield is giving us today. Visit their social media and comment.


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