Will I Be Watching Soccer?

By | July 26, 2021

[July 26, 2021]  I’ve been a baseball fan since before I can remember.  My dad and I would watch games, especially when “our team,” the New York Yankees, played.  Last year I stopped watching when players began doing stupid stuff that involved disrespecting America.  Major League Baseball has decided to throw in its lot with the Democrat Party and put “Black Lives Matter” on signage.  I watch baseball to get away from politics.  Now I will not watch them play or wear their jerseys anymore.

It was football that leads other professional sports in this direction.  Colin Kaepernick was early on the bandwagon, and I couldn’t tell if he was a civil rights activist or a football quarterback.  Is there any difference today?  Football Commissioner Roger Goodell has taken professional football in a direction that is hard to stomach.

Capacity crowds are about to see, hear and feel for the first time the NFL’s increased support for social justice and anti-racism campaigns.

Social justice promotion will include on-field signage, player helmet decals and in-stadium public service announcements. For Week 1 of the preseason, end zones will be painted to include the messages “End Racism” and “Inspire Change.”

“Lift Every Voice and Sing” (unofficially known as “the black national anthem”) will be played in addition to “The Star-Spangled Banner” before kickoff of the first regular-season game (Cowboys at Buccaneers, Sept. 9) as well as at marquee events like the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl and the NFL Draft.

Victims of racial injustice will be given a platform as part of a “Say Their Stories” project, and “Inspire Change” will be a league-wide theme expressed on signage during Weeks 17 and 18, under the season-long “It Takes All of Us” campaign, according to the report.

The results are predictable; greater racial strife, which is perhaps their goal.  I simply will not participate or support them.  I don’t particularly appreciate being lectured.

My wife’s favorite sport, Hockey, seems to be the least contaminated dominated by politics. I’ve never been a fan, having grown up in the Deep South, where only baseball, football, and basketball were the dominant sports.

Perhaps it’s time to give soccer a chance.  Maybe other sports too, like shuffleboard and horseshoes.  Possibly even golf.  My wife said she would leave me if I took up golf (she said she is kidding).  I’m looking for the last un-woke sport.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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13 thoughts on “Will I Be Watching Soccer?

  1. KenFBrown

    Football Commissioner Roger Goodell is a @#$%^^. What a real nutjob this guy is. Can’t he “see” what he is doing to the sport of football. Already, their revenue is down and trust in professional football is in the toilet.

  2. Max Foster

    Excellent article this morning on your thoughts, Gen. Satterfield. I would hope more would do the same. We are now getting loads of socialist-inspired propaganda rammed down our throats without so much as a whimper from the media. Oh, the media is part of the game too. One day we will all look back on this and hang our heads in shame at how ignorant we were after seeing all the damage. Sometimes, the old ways do work best.

    1. Guns are Us

      Max, you once again hit the nail on the head. But today is today and we need to start the long, laborious process of getting our country back on track. We need real leaders like Pres Donald J. Trump. Love him or hate him, he was pro-American all the way.

      1. Greg Heyman

        Guns, …. thanks for hitting a home run with our comment. I wish others would just listen a little.

    2. Melissa Jackson

      Yep, great comments. And, I’ve got to hand it to Gen. Satterfield for his vision on this subject.

  3. Len Jakosky

    Went to a bar-restaurant the other day and there was nothing on the sports channels. I asked why. The bartender told me the owner said, “turn off that sh##,” meaning “woke” sports. I found that funny. Now they were playing re-runs of old World Series Games. Much more fun to watch and a great history lesson as well when men were men and women were women.

    1. Wilson Cox

      … and now men are women and women are men. Crazy world out there. Let them be stupid, I say. That is what freedom is about. But don’t tread on me.

  4. Lynn Pitts

    Yeah, me too. I’ll not be watching women’s soccer, that’s for sure after the terrible anti-American dribble coming from our women’s Olympic soccer team.

    1. Harold M. Smith II

      You got that right, Lynn. Anti-Americanism is the new popular thing to do. But with a world that records everything we do, I’ll be able to throw it back into their faces in a few years from now when they regret their uppity stupidity.

      1. Tom Bushmaster

        Excellent points Lynn and Harold. I see this trend eventually coming to an end, just like the craziness of the 1960s.

      2. Georgie B.

        Yep, and I would expect nothing less from a bunch of wimps raised in total comfort with everything at their fingertips.


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