You Gotta See This Guy: Doug TenNapel

By | February 24, 2021

[February 24, 2021]  A month ago, my wife called on me to watch this “new guy” talking on YouTube.  I laughed hysterically, only after two minutes  (a rare behavior, honestly I was).  This guy Doug TenNapel is a conservative who places his political commentary in video format on several social media platforms.  You gotta see this guy!

Here is the premise of his show.  A self-described man “in exile,” Doug rants (his word) about leftist political cowardice, President Biden’s dementia, and Democratic Party policies that harm Americans. For example, a common theme is his opposition to abortion and those who support it through silence.

“The true violent people are Democrats and those who lean left.” – Doug TenNapel

Doug TenNapel in Exile

A supporter of President Donald J. Trump and freedom lover, Doug has a rare, gentlemanly wit and ability to focus on leftists’ weaknesses and the negative effect of their progressive ideas. He’s a real go-getter with thick skin.  And a man’s man; at 6’8″ tall and slender frame, he can be intimidating to those who do not know him.  With a good stiff drink in his hand, you can see into his eyes that Doug is a gentleman and teller of truths.

At first, I thought he was just a funny guy using Republican talking points, just adding humor to a usually dull topic.  But the more I watched, the more I realized that besides being entertaining, he actually knows of which he speaks.  Hard-hitting, swift-moving, twisted humorous, I find Doug TenNapel, a relief from typical monotone political commentators.

By trade, Doug is a cartoonist, comic book publisher, and video game creator who made a name for himself by creating various innovative ideas like Earthworm Jim.  My son played this game on an Epson Equity II computer in the mid-1990s. I liked the game too because it contained very little violence.  Doug is also a devoted Christian.  Maybe that is also why I like him so much.

If you want to get a good sense of his short videos, here is one from YouTube (lasts a little over 7 minutes. “Trump Defense Video Destroys Dems!  Doug TenNapel in Exile.”

Doug TenNapel labels his videos with the words “In Exile” because he sees himself as a purveyor of truth in a time of censorship.  Thus, the only way to survive is to go it alone, in exile.

Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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32 thoughts on “You Gotta See This Guy: Doug TenNapel

  1. Greg Heyman

    Great guy! His videos are short (mostly) and while it takes some time for him to grow on you, I cannot stop watching his videos. Doug TenNapel is a man’s man, for sure.

  2. Trinity O’Hara

    Happy hunting Doug —- thank you from Ireland. 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  3. Janna Faulkner

    Doug TenNapel ….. if you haven’t listened to him, go out now and do so. I believe you will find him witty and smart, of course, else Gen. Satterfield would not have recommended his channel. I did and am happy I did. 👍👍👍👍

  4. Tony Cappalo

    More and more, I’m enjoying Gen. Satterfield’s blog. He is a thinking man and those are far and few today.

      1. Tony Cappalo

        Hi Audrey, I live in Oklahoma CIty, OK. Good place to be and bring up your kids. The people here are friendly and generally conservative so you don’t see riots and crazy “protests” like others have witnesses. We just go about our business and respect other’s opinions. Even if we disagree, we can talk it out without being threatened. Besides, I have a gun permit as many adults do around here.

      2. Colleen Ramirez

        Hi, I wouldn’t want to mess with an Oklahoman. Is that right? Oklahoman?

  5. Kenny Foster

    “Use my brain,” gee, what a novel concept. Better than the college snowflakes (they hate that title, BTW) who continue to walk lockstep with the worst enemies of mankind as expressed in the doctrine of Karl Marx and others. Those ideas have caused some of the most misery ever in the history of humankind. Go figure that our politicians would adopt these ideas without any idea of the destruction caused in the past. Thank man, think!

    1. Frank Graham

      Kenny, they don’t think. Most Americans now are just lemmings headed to the cliff edge. Will they continue their run for an undefined “utopia” or will they stop?

      1. Steve Dade

        Good question, Graham. My belief, sadly, is that we will have to experience a great trauma before folks wake up.

  6. Doc Blackshear

    Great! Thanks Gen. Satterfield for bringing to our attention those who think (and write) differently than what we would normally think and write about. Makes me actually use my brain.

  7. Jerome Smith

    Hey folks. Are we starting to see a pattern in Gen. Satterfield’s blog posts? I think so. With this Doug TenNapel guy – who is hilarious by the way – I’m seeing more and more themes about “freedom” and the goodness of the United States. Wow, I’m proud to be associated with this website that is about leadership AND freedom of thought. Keep up the great work, Gen. Satterfield.

    1. Max Foster

      You da man, Gen. Satterfield. I agree with Jerome. Keep up this great work by speaking out against the tyranny of the leftists in our country and across the world. I guess most have forgotten that this social experiment was tried in he 20th century and it cost 100 million deaths. Did we really learn from that experiment? Looks like we did not.

  8. Valkerie

    Spot-on article. Thank you General Sattefield for bringing Doug TenNapel to my attention.

  9. Jeff Blackwater

    Quote from Doug TenNapel’s website:
    Doug TenNapel is the host of IN EXILE, a guide to happy living while in captivity. He is the creator of video games like Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood, has written and drawn over 20 graphic novels (long-form comic books) and created Nickelodeon’s Catscratch. He lives with his wife and four children in Franklin, Tennessee.”

      1. Dead Pool Guy

        … and keep spreading the word about all those who are out there fighting for freedom of expression and freedom of thought. If you think you can just sit back and do nothing, you will lose what freedom you have.

    1. rjsmithers

      Me too. So I’ll be recommending Doug T to my family and friends. We all think pretty much the same, that freedom means we occasionally have to stand up to tyranny. And, Doug T. is doing just that.

    2. ZB22

      I’m surprised so far that Doug TenNapel hasn’t been struck from YouTube. I saw a few of his videos and I’m aware that YouTube has restricted and blocked many conservative commentators. They don’t want their narrow-minded Marxist views challenged. So they get rid of their channels. Maybe it’s because Doug TenNapel is not yet large enough to attract attention.

      1. Eduardo Sanchez

        Perhaps, but I think it’s because he is being careful in what words he uses. The algorithms that are used by BigTech can be thwarted to some degree.

  10. Otto Z. Zuckermann

    Great article today, Gen. S. and thank you once again for giving us a heads up on folks out there who are freedom fighters and who are also smart, articulate, and rage against the communist beast (that is fully entrenched in the US Democrat Party).

  11. Rev. Michael Cain

    Yes, hey thanks Gen. Satterfield. I checked out his YouTube channel. What a hoot seeing this guy. His videos, like your blog articles, are short and to the point. I like this guy! I understand he is from the great state of free Tennessee. Psssst, the guy is white hot (oh, was that a racist comment since I used the word white? – sarc off).

    1. Jonnie the Bart

      You are just too much reverend. There are many out in social media that haven’t yet been censored by our “morally superior betters.” Of course, Nancy Pelosi wants to shut him down, for obvious reasons. Doug TenNapel is great. Anyone not having listened to him is truly missing out.

      1. Colleen Ramirez

        Thanks guys for the thumbs up on Doug T. I’ll take a look today. 😊

  12. Dale Paul Fox

    Ha Ha ,,, Doug Tennapel is great !!!!!!!! I ran across him a couple of weeks ago and find him to be funny. It does take a little getting used to him. Rough, tough, but smart as well. 👍

    1. Silly Man

      Yeah, I agree that he is really a gem. A little rough around the edges but still a gem. I highly recommend Doug TenNapel. I’ve been watching him for about a month now. Get on-line and go see some of his videos. You’ll be amazed, at least I am.


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